The Razorfish 5 Report

We have no doubt that you are all in the digital loop and constantly up to date (right?), but in case you managed to miss it Amnesia Razorfish has just launched volume three of the annual Razorfish 5!

Technology, creativity and media continue to intertwine to the point where the line between each has well and truly blurred away. Industries have increasingly realized this, as we continue to see a year on year increase in digital advertising spend. The Razorfish 5 international report identifies a mix of new technologies and techniques and aims to assist CTOs, CMOs and the wider business community to navigate and succeed in an ever evolving, post-digital world.


So what’s it all about? Let’s start with the Targeting Readiness Study, which is based on conversations with more than 120 CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and CMOs with a minimum of $500 million in annual revenue. Some of the key findings include:

  •  49% consider themselves strong at targeting segmented groups of online audiences, however only 12% have implemented this ability on their owned media and measured the results.
  • Less than 50% were able to differentiate between loyal customers and new prospects on their owned media.
  • Only 50% view mobile as an owned channel.
  • 24% of companies have implemented a process for creative development so that content can be served and reused across segments.

With these findings in mind, the cornerstone for this year’s Razorfish 5 report is an article on maximizing impact from company-controlled digital channels, or owned media.

Further topics discussed include:

  •  Ubiquitous Computing – Keeping Up With The Digital Consumer
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Platforms and APIs – How To Open Up Your Digital Marketing
  • Developing Production Software Faster
  • Bringing Together the CMO and CTO

You can find the full report here or at this address:


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