Amnesia Search is cool!

Last week I made the move upstairs to learn all about the mysteries of Search. I confess that before starting at Amnesia I knew very little about the role of Search in advertising, in the sense I knew nothing. Google to me was just a way to fast-track assignment research, end debates, and ‘win’ Tuesday Trivia at the pub. After a few days soaking up all things SEM, SEO and Analytics  I can say I look at Search in a whole new way – you know, more than just a cheating tool.

Perhaps it was my ignorance, or the constant jokes around Amnesia at the expense of Search, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy my time in the department. However I’m happy to report my finding that…Search is cool!

Amnesia Search

Amnesia Search – Ryan gets it.

SEM, SEO and Analytics are truly fascinating areas. Coming from a background of learning about TV’s OzTam ratings, the sheer efficiency of Search media is, well, cool. This isn’t to say I want to – or more accurately can – run off and become an SEM professional. The beauty of rotating through different departments is gaining a good understanding of how each segment of Amnesia works, regardless of whether I will end up working in it in the future. So whilst I won’t be optimizing on a clients keywords anytime soon, I can comfortably say:

  • I understand how and why we implement SEM
  • I have the knowledge of how to implement basic SEO (Hunter, does this post pass the test?)
  • Analytics is genius, and if price wasn’t a factor everyone should use Path To Conversion
  • The way these disciplines work together is invaluable to our clients.

So it seems the jokes about Search are potentially unfounded. If you never get to sit with the Amnesia Search department take my word for it: Search is cool. Even Ryan Gosling thinks so.

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  1. Nice post Dean, I enjoyed the read!

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