3D printing in your home

A 3D printer melds thin layers together from plastic thread, which are spooled from a reel to form sold plastic objects into any shape you specify.

What is exciting is the drop in price of these printers, making it more accessible to the home user.  An example of this is the new UP mini 3D available for pre-order from  3D Printing Systems  for  $995+GST.

Notable specifications:

  • Has an enclosed chamber to reduce warping
  • Double linear bearings on each axis – ensures consistent build quality
  • You can use any supplier of ABS roll of 1.75mm plastics
  • Includes the Smart UP! Software, tools and full roll of plastic to get you started

Watch the video from 3D printing Systems

Interested in what people are printing have a look here at Thingiverse.


LED icosikaipentagon disco ball


Automaton hand


PIXAR lamp

One Response to 3D printing in your home

  1. zolandor says:

    Get a 3D resin-cast model of your live fetus. Available from a Tokyo company for approx. $1,300. Read more at Mashable: http://mashable.com/2012/08/10/japanese-printing-live-fetus/

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