Are memes becoming lamestream? Where to next?

A lot of meme Facebook pages are popping up around key suburbs around Sydney. Hurstville memes. Straithfield memes. Penrith Memes. They ragged on the nuances of each of those suburbs. I’m from Hurstville and thought this particular one was good.

You really can’t quite leave Hurstville without a pork roll from King’s Bread (if you’re from Hurstville, or been there, you’d know what I mean. Nom nom nom).

Then I noticed my cousin created his high school meme page, and some of my old high school mates started liking one that was set up for us. Holy crap, Mr Ward does look like George Clooney!

Then there was the London Olympic games, where I’m sure some of us learnt more from the countless Olympics memes which littered the internet then the actual coverage itself. I didn’t catch much of it, but I can conclude that the Queen was involved in some manner, there were some odd-looking divers, some people just don’t have all the luck when it comes to their names, you sure look like an idiot in synchronised swimming and a lot of ladies from the track and field and male swimmers got a lot of attention.

This is becoming quite omnipresent. To the point where in some instances we’re expecting a meme to pop up in the next 10 minutes if anything happened. How will we evolve as a race over the next 50 years if this keeps up? People are lolspeaking in boardroom meetings and communicating with gifs now.

Or is there going to be a meme bubble? Will we get so sick and tired of it all that this whole interweb phenomenon will backfire and explode, marking ourselves down in history as the temporarily illiterate generation, but we get our shit together and go back to being a little bit civilised in the way we communicate?



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