Cannes Cycling Club

Is Razorfish becoming synonymous with cycling or is France simply a perfect place to see from two wheels?

As creative thinkers from around the globe flock to France’s sunny southern shores for the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Razorfish, alongside Adobe and The Weather Channel, will be two-wheeling through the city in homage to the land of the Tour.

This comes less than six months after Razorfish’s #UseMeLeaveMe tweeting bicycles made their début at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.


At that time, people navigated their way around Austin’s crowded streets using Razorfish’s GPS enabled bicycles which tweeted out their real-time locations using the #usemeleaveme hashtag. Each bike had its own name and cheeky personality, something which shone through with every tweet.

This time around, riders will be left to their own tweeting devices and no bicycle will attempt courtship on their behalf, however with multiple routes and pace options available (not to mention the accompanying mechanics and tour guides), this tour of Cannes should prove likewise unique.

Everyone is invited and if you are lucky enough to join the party, say hello to our very own Head of Strategy Ben Hourahine, who will be donning his Lycra to represent the Sydney office.

See below for specific riding dates and times and keep up to date by on Facebook ( or follow the hashtag on twitter (#CannesCyclingClub).




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  1. You have problems Sergio. What else can I say? So planning on making a comic eh Eze? You going to publish them or are these strictly for Sergio’s amus Click

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