Prize Rush Sponsorship Partner

March 26, 2008

The hugely successful online game “Prize Rush” (a ninemsn and Amnesia production) is looking for “prize placement” product partners for forthcoming versions of the game. If you are interested in seeing your products featured within the game then please contact us at:


Some of the benefits:

– Viewed by hundreds of thousands of people
– Huge levels of engagement
– Loyal following on Facebook and MySpace

– Glowing testimonies from past partners who have seen the direct benefits
– Clues designed for your prizes
– Sponsored questions
– Secrets on the maps for your products
– Featured placements across a massive media campaign across the network.

Various packages are available either as paid sponsorship or contra prize donations. To see the full range of options, send  us an email outlining your interest and we will provide a deck with options.

Single products will not be considered unless they reach a minimum prize value (on application), or are part of a larger prize package submitted by a sponsor.

Please contact


Prize Rush – Win Instantly

March 7, 2008

March 3 2007 – Amnesia and NineMSN have re-launched Prize Rush. To win instantly answer questions, follow the clues and dig on the map of a million pixels. Luck works, but so does careful strategy!

This is version 3 – discover why it is so popular – play here at


Red pixels indicate where people have dug. Orange = winners!


Prize Rush – NineMSN. Win prizes by digging on a map…

November 21, 2007

Prize Rush – Win instantly. There are very few games like this online, especially this big. You don’t have to sign up – just start playing! All you have to do is answer 5 questions and dig on a map of 1 million pixels. Note: Prize Rush (version 3) is live again from March 3 2008. Details of the new version by Amnesia are here.

Don’t forget, you can ‘cheat’ using search (well actually it’s part of the gameplay).

Friend Magnet. Ninemsn Instant Win Web Messenger Promotion.

August 29, 2008

From the makers of Prize Rush (Ninemsn and Amnesia) – you can now use your Messenger login to win amazing instant double prizes with our new game (Friend Magnet) whilst you chat with your mates. The best bit – If you win a prize – YOUR MATE WINS THE SAME THING :)))

Use the Magnet (below) to try to hook up the prize you want… Very easy to play.


A pretty cool physics engine, and to our knowledge the first time someone has used the official web messenger API to build a game like this… kinda cool? Good luck!

BTW: Here’s the 15 sec TV Ad for Friend Magnet:

(TVC produced by Amnesia)