Amnesia and The Lynx Effect featured in Australian Web Designer Magazine

October 9, 2008

imagePick up the latest issue (#4) from your local news agent and relive the wonder that is…

The Lynx Effect.

Or, just go straight to the source:

SMH Online coverage of Surface

September 27, 2008

Spot the cameos from Amnesia employees in this report from SMH online about Microsoft Surface.

The report shows a few of the table’s demo apps, including our own business card reader application. All our new business cards have a Surface-readable tag on them that our application has been coded to respond to and display our flickr feeds, tweets and latest blog posts.

We had a great time presenting the table with Microsoft at Web Directions South and we look forward to showing it off more in the future!

August de los Reyes talks Surface at Web Directions South

September 26, 2008

August de los Reyes, Creative Director of the Windows Platform Core Innovation team presented his keynote at the Web Directions South ’08 conference at Sydney’s Darling Harbour Convention Centre.

Titled ‘Remembering the Future’, August presented on his vision of the future of user interfaces and how products like Microsoft Surface are helping to develop a new set of experiences that rely on emotion and exploration.

August spent some time with our developers this week to see where we’re taking Surface and shared his thoughts on the technology’s future.

Our devs have only been playing with Surface for a few weeks and have already produced some amazing demos so we’re very excited to see what kind of things we’ll produce in the coming months.

Watch this space!

Unboxing Australia’s first Microsoft Surface table

August 19, 2008

Yesterday, we (Amnesia) took delivery of Australia’s first two Microsoft Surface tables. We believe they were the first units to ship outside the US. Not often you get your hands on something no one else has seen, so we thought we’d share the grand opening of the boxes…


These crates are heavy. Around 125kg each. “That’s a Big Ass Box” quipped one of the designers.


Raiders of the Lost Ark eat your heart out…


No time to waste we borrowed a crowbar and a hammer from the courier to get inside.


The tables we packed very securely and nothing was even slightly scuffed from transit.


Something to hang on the wall to inspire everyone… a big finger 🙂


The entire package is very polished.


The entire table is packed in what is essentially a GIANT ziplock bag.



When unpacked, the table has the calibration mat and some other printed materials covering the screen.




Up and running in just a few minutes. We actually had our first app (with our own content) up and running within 20 minutes which is great news.

Meantime, staff can’t stop walking up to the table and playing with the demos that were included – A big ass table yes… but so much fun.

Amazing Light Painting – Hi-Res Air Graffiti Wallpaper Download

August 15, 2008

We made this hi-res air-graffiti light image using a technique we worked out (here). The images are pretty stunning, especially when you see them in high res. Here’s one for your desktop in all it’s glory. Completely free for you to use for any non commercial purposes. 

Update: We are uploading full versions of these (gradually) to Flickr. Read the comments for the link 🙂 

Download here (1900×1200):
(then right click – set as background)


There are many more of these…

So… write some nice comments and we’ll think about releasing the rest in hi-res 🙂

Sony and Nintendo’s unexpected challenger; Super Monkey Ball Sells 300,000 copies on iPhone

August 13, 2008

In the eleven hundredth iPhone post of the day… Fair enough, we’re all pretty sick of hearing about what this miracle device can do. Short of curing cancer there’s not much the little bugger can’t cope with; heck, maybe it can cure cancer if someone builds a Folding@home application (FoldingOnPhone?) for distribution via the AppStore… (The uninitiated can read about Folding@home here.)

As cool as all the technology is, what’s ultimately more important for us digital marketing folk is the viability of the platform when it comes to content distribution (both in pay-for and free categories). Sega’s Super Monkey Ball has just hit the 300,000 mark which, at AUD $12.99 a pop, is a considerable lump of change. It’s enough to make Sony and Nintendo sit up and take notice, particularly as their respective platforms (PSP and Nintendo DS) rely predominantly on physical media for content distribution. Sega US’s President Simon Jeffery agrees. “That’s a substantial business. It gives iPhone a justifiable claim to being a viable gaming platform.”

The phone may not have the controls required for traditional gaming but the quality and responsiveness of the touch screen and accelerometer could do for the mobile games space what the Wii has done for console gaming around the world.

So how do we take advantage of this? As iPhone and iPod touch sales continue to rise, distribution of free, engaging, branded content is an obvious winning formula. Carling’s iPint application is catching on like wildfire and given the size and scale of the application the development overheads would have been low. Investing in development for a platform owned and operated by one company might be a little uncomfortable but these days, shifting focus away from Apple in the digital landscape isn’t a wise move: Apple has proved that, technology aside, the iPhone is a viable distribution platform.

Watch this space.

New Braintrain site launches

July 3, 2008


Well I know this is a bit of a plug but we are all very proud of this site.

Today we launched the 3rd evolution of the Lipton Braintrain site. It is packed full of new games a new ranking system and the ability to challenge your friends through Facebook as well (here).

There is also a mobile site which is worth while a visit if you have a couple of spare minutes.

Check it out at:

Office Pranks Soundboard – Classic Pepsi Campaign

June 27, 2008

From the Vault – a practical joke soundboard from Pepsi where you pretend to be someone else. Now, we still use this… it is really funny and also kind of handy – we think this is still probably one of Amnesia’s best digital campaigns over the years (note: the soundboard is just a small part of the Office Pranks Website).


Legend has it that one of Amnesia’s producers fooled his wife so badly with this soundboard he ended up on the couch for a night. No names mentioned.

Instructions: Simply call a friend on speakerphone (with PC next to you, speakers turned up) and press buttons on soundboard at the right moment (practice for a couple of minutes b4 you call) … There’s two characters to choose from… They’ll never guess what’s going on 🙂


Old archived Office Pranks website here (has a few broken links so please forgive any niggles. Note this site exists for portfolio purposes and is not attached to any current Pepsi marketing).


A treasure hunt, some moonvertising and a load of Vodka.

May 28, 2008

The Way In to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008

Ladies and gentleman I give you! What is it I hear you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a big-ass treasure hunt to give away tickets to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008.

Clues are released on a blog to tickets hidden all across Australia. There is also a facebook group which gives help and exclusive clues to ticket hunters. If that’s not enough cyber-fun, there’s also a GPS ticket tracker, which is switched on from time to time. There’s even a moonvert thrown in there for good measure.

The rules are simple. First to find the tickets, wins the tickets. And there’s none of this ‘hidden under pixels’ stuff. These are in the real world… fresh air is good for you. Tickets have been found in places such as under a bench in Surfers Paradise, in a Russian deli in Victoria and even in a Russian Orthodox Church.

It’s just getting going so take a look and join the fun and you might just bag yourself a ticket to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008.

Mini Games Australia

May 16, 2008

Mini Games is Amnesia’s original games site.

Here you’ll find our favourite global online flash games,
plus a show case of our own work.

most recent & poll

Check out this weeks featured game. It just so happens that it’s one of ours!

Featured Game

Participate in our monthly poll or check out some game related cool stuff.

mini games cool stuff & our games

Amnesia wins Webby Award for Lynx Effect Website

May 6, 2008

The winners of the 12th International Webby awards have been announced and we’re jumping for joy… because our rather different Lynx Effect website is the winner in the Beauty and Cosmetics category against some stiff competition.



Thanks to the Amnesia team – and especially to Unilever and Lynx for putting faith in the idea 🙂

Red v Blue Designer Tennis lives on…

April 14, 2008

Our talented Mr Barlin has revived the battle, only this time there’s sound and motion.

View the Red Team’s After Effect’s volley posted on Vimeo here:


The Red Team has already won but now there’s insults on our injuries as the bombs come raining down once more. Shell shocked and unsuspecting, the Blue Team runs for cover. But will there be revenge? If so, it will hardly be sweet as Mr Moldan holds the dark key to full motion and audio retaliation.

Incidentally, the video’s creator was also the recipient of the coveted People’s Choice Award with this fine overhead smash:


Still no idea what we’re on about? Read the original post here:

MySpace Australia Developer Launch

April 11, 2008


On Wednesday night I attended the launch for the MySpace developer platform. I was asked to create a simple application for the platform that gets the current users local postcode and retrieves from truelocal a list of businesses in the area according to five categories (Café’s & Restaurants, Clubs, Hairdressers, Bars & Pubs, Take Away Food). I then used jQuery to display the results in an accordion. All in all a fun learning experience and i’ve put together five points about why YOU should be thinking about writing apps for MySpace!

1. MySpace provides an easy to use JavaScript library that implements the OpenSocial API which makes it easy to read in a users data.

2. Porting an application written for MySpace to other social networking sites that follow the OpenSocial API should be a fairly trivial task.

3. They have a great online community of developers at

4. A rich REST API for server to server calls

5. At the moment the interface is quite young and undergoing rapid changes but in the future will allow for applications to tap deep into a users social graph.

Here are three things to be wary of when looking to develop MySpace Open Social apps.

1. Access to the full set of Open Social calls are only half implemented and interacting with a users friend network isn’t implemented.

2. Developing can be time consuming as a developer cannot test applications locally, they have to copy and paste the code into a web form and then submit it.

3. Access to popular JavaScript libraries will soon be limited once they implement “caja” (pronounced caha) a Google spec that attempts to make third party JavaScript safely interact with a clients browser when embedded into a site.  Although MySpace does promise access to the most popular libraries via a white list when creating an application so things shouldn’t be that bad.

Amnesia nominated for People’s Choice Webby Award 2008

April 9, 2008

Amnesia is in the people’s choice finals for this years Webby awards for our Lynx Effect website.


PLEASE VOTE FOR US HERE!!! (Look for “The Lynx Effect”)

3 GIRLS 2 CANS – The Game.

March 26, 2008

3 Girls 2 Cans – A game not to be confused with a viral video on YouTube with an uncannily similar sounding name. The idea is to combine two girls to create a 3rd ULTIMATE GIRL. We’ve bottled up all our favourite fast play viral ingredients (which means games don’t last too long) so run around and go for the big score and #1 Rank.

Your ‘circle of influence’ will attract anything that moves! – BEHOLD the power of combining Lynx fragrances to make a killer third fragrance!
Avoid making “abominations” (Male / Female combos)!!!! YUK!

Make sure you check out – it’s really fab, honest, or PLAY THE GAME HERE:

Revisions coming very soon:
Over 50,000 gives you a password to view the ‘ultimate girl’.


Discuss your ranking, scores and cheats below…

Amnesia Open Studio 2008 – 2 & 3 April

March 12, 2008

Are you a digital design student or just starting your career?

Amnesia – AdNews Interactive Agency of the Year for 2006 and 2007 – is committed to helping young designers and students get the best possible start in their career and is hosting two evenings of seminars and dialogue this April in conjunction with Semi-Permanent.

Amnesia Open Studio 2008


Our program is open to all design students and young designers and is focused on giving practical advice on a variety of topics through short seminars and one-on-one sessions with our Senior Designers and Art Directors.

The evening runs over two nights and includes:

Brainstorming seminar
Tips and tricks on how to generate ideas and think outside the box

Getting your career started
Practical advice on how to break into the world of design

Designing and developing with Flash
The dark art of Flash explained

The future of digital
The end of the world is nigh, digital is just beginning

Portfolio review
We’ve seen a lot and can help you tweak yours

Creative surgery
Designer’s block? Get some advice from our Art Directors

And best of all, it’s totally free, no strings attached!

Space is very limited and it’s first come best dressed, so register immediately to avoid disappointment.


Learn more about Amnesia on our website and our blog

Prize Rush – Win Instantly

March 7, 2008

March 3 2007 – Amnesia and NineMSN have re-launched Prize Rush. To win instantly answer questions, follow the clues and dig on the map of a million pixels. Luck works, but so does careful strategy!

This is version 3 – discover why it is so popular – play here at


Red pixels indicate where people have dug. Orange = winners!


Naked sued by Tom Cruise. Amnesia joins the fun.

March 5, 2008

From Adnews today  ( – (login required so we’ve clipped the article below).

Recap of events:
1. Naked Communications post a dubbed video of Tom Cruise claiming he’s their latest employee (here).
2. Amnesia sends a fake email (read on to view this) to Naked Communications impersonating Tom cruise’s agent. The email threatens a lawsuit.
3. The YouTube Video and fake lawsuit email story grabs the media headlines in Australia. (read on, Adnews article below)…


Read the rest of this entry »

Amnesia wins AdNews Interactive Agency of the Year …for a second year running!

February 22, 2008

Last night we had some good news. We won AdNews Interactive Agency of the Year for the second year running. A big thank you to the hard working Amnesia team, our amazing clients and AdNews. Now … where’s the Beroccas? – AndyP


“By the way, how nice are the Sputnik Agency from Melbourne…? It’s obvious why they’ve had such a great year – quality from end to end and Nick Cummins even stopped by this post and left a message in the comments. Full respect Sputnik and good luck this year to you all. Along with our old friends Soap and The White Agency who are both ‘world class’ digital agencies producing amazing work year after year I would have hated being on the judging panel this year.”  – Iain





Test Your Senses – Viral Screamer

February 18, 2008


Classic from the Vault we’ve just put this site back up for a bit of fun. There are plenty of screamers around these days (eg: scary maze). But we were quite happy with the ridiculous premise of a full senses test, something different. Stupid – but many people still fell for it at the time 🙂

So turn up your volume, sit in a dark room and TEST YOUR SENSES!!!

If anyone (evil enough) wants to film their friend being sucked in – please post video links here. We would love to see them 🙂