Shake dat ass!

March 7, 2012

I’m here in San Francisco for GDC ’12. Yesterday was the Independent Games Summit – lots of really interesting and inspirational talks by some of the big figures and innovators in indie games.

The clear highlight so far has to be a game called ‘Dog The Wag’ – an ingenious invention by Douglas Wilson of Die Gute Fabrik, the creator of Johann Sebastian Joust. It pretty much involves tying a PlayStation Move controller to your butt, getting down on all fours and shaking it around as much as possible, while other ‘dogs’ try to beat you up (or at least wrestle you to the ground and press a button on your controller). Hilarious, slightly awkward and nothing short of amazing. The game certainly goes a long way towards his rhetoric of embracing the flaws in new technology rather than fighting against them.

(Image courtesy of

Watch the video here.

Today is the Social and Online Games Summit – so I’ll try to post something vaguely more sensible. It will probably have something to do with leveraging the synergies of low-hanging fruit on Facebook and very little in the way of booty shaking. Which is sad.


P&G hijack their own advertising (smell is power)

February 3, 2012

Two very different worlds of advertising collide in this new campaign by W+K. It is a very smart and (perhaps, more importantly) funny move.

The only question is, can you really go back to the tried and tested formula for the other brands now… Either way, we like.


Fuel your gaming addiction while getting fit

January 17, 2012

Being a gamer myself there is always that point where I could go and do exercise or I could finish that next level and then usually I end up not going to the gym.


Now there is a solution for my first world problem. BitGym has created a control system for playing iOS games while you are on your favourite exercise equipment. Right now it is a racer (that looks a lot like Outrun) and you control the cars steering with you head and your acceleration is based on your exercise rate.

Check out the video:

nifty little tool, but I am not sure if the movements you have to do to get through the game are good for your posture Smile


DDB: ADC Annual Awards Call for Entries Campaign

November 15, 2011

Love this! Esp as most of us can relate to it. DDB New York’s cam­paign for ADC’s Annual Awards Call for Entries.


Collection of Talking Animal Memes

April 21, 2011

Today we gathered around and shared videos of animals that… ok I’m not going to spoil it. Just have a look for yourself:
(It helps if you watch them in order…)

Goat Yells Like a man
Goat sings with Usher
Goat that yells like Chris Tucker
Kobold Maki–try watching this without laughing.
Death Metal Rooster

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? How about some Scampi Fries?

December 16, 2010

Attempting to clear some of my Christmas shopping on Amazon, I noticed a rather curious new section under my personal recommendations – English Cuisine Bestsellers.


Currently sitting at number one is a family size consignment of Scampi Fries. It’s great that an artificially flavoured wheat-based snack has been recognised as a leader in the world of English cuisine. Other top sellers include Cheese Moments, catering packs of PG Tips and Buxton Still Water. Who’s buying this stuff?


PETA helps promote Super Meat Boy?

December 3, 2010

Team Meat, the team behind the brutally unforgiving platform game Super Meat Boy got some unexpected free publicity this week when they became the latest target of animal rights group PETA.

PETA, apparantly objecting to Super Meat Boy’s meat-themes launched it’s own ironically-bland parody game called Super Tofu Boy. Made in Flash, the game attempts to duplicate the gameplay of Super Meat Boy, but instead it’s the Meaty guy that’s the bad guy this time as he exacts bloody, vengeance because his girlfriend has decided that she prefers tofu. Or something.

More after the wall-jump. Read the rest of this entry »

a little burst of Friday fun…

October 15, 2010

UK Space Agency’s digital goof: Plans Asteroid avoidance using Yorkshire Fencing Company!?

September 21, 2010

It’s been in the news UK now has its very own Space Agency.It’s a serious business and cost 40 million pounds to set up and has 230 million in funds. So how will they prevent disaster and stop asteroids (or NEO’s)? Turns out a small Yorkshire fencing company is the solution (although they probably have no idea about it yet).


The UK Space Agency links directly to the SPACEGUARD CENTRE that will save us all if there is a problem. (original page here).

image clip_image002

Welcome to Spaceguard, protector of the earth and asteroid attacks. Yep, they sell fences in Yorkshire…



Obviously this is a mistake. Rather an amusing one though…
We think they probably meant to send people to this site not this one

Digital Marketing Lesson #276: Always check your Hyperlinks 🙂

Torrent Town?

August 10, 2010

If you were the owners of a big, shady, money earning torrent site – what would you do with all that potentially ill-gotten cash?

Buy yourself a small town in Russia, obviously.

View Larger Map

This is exactly what torrent and P2P news site TorrentFreak announced that the large file-sharing facilitator TorrentReactor had done. TorrentReactor claimed to have made the purchase, and that with their financial backing, the quality of life in the township of Gar would improve for its 300+ citizens. Not only that, I’m sure they’d be trying to carve out a file-sharing haven for themselves – though whether this would work under Russian law, I’m not certain.

As it turns out though, the town has not yet been purchased. This may have begun as a prank, however it looks like it will end well – for the people of Gar at least. You see, they’re actually interested in the possible investment. TorrentReactor claimed to have bought and renamed the place for approximately $164,000 AUD and the ambitious folk in Gar are keen to see that cash. Apparently all that’s needed is approval from the President.

Apparently they can’t rename the town, but the folks over at TorrentReactor now feel “obligated to help” in some fashion or another, which can only be a good thing. Whether they buy it or not remains to be seen.

As amusing as this idea initially was, I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of organisations purchasing towns outright – I worry about what it means for the future. How about you? Or… do you know of any instances where it’s happened before? If so, has it been beneficial, or is this a downward spiral?


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Urban Bowling

July 30, 2010

Another parody of the Sony Bravia bouncing balls ad from TBWA Paris. It’s been ages since the last one so it actually made me laugh.

Louis C.K. reminds us

July 28, 2010

So you may have already seen this, but one of my favourite comedians, Louis C.K. reminds us just how far technology has come.

It might also make some of us think twice before having a whinge when our wi-fi device doesn’t pick up a signal for a few seconds.

Louis C.K.’s slightly autobiographical show Louie is currently on FX and it’s hilarious. (but it’s also NSFW, depending on where you W)

The Speed Camera Lottery

July 1, 2010

The Cannes award winning VW Fun Theory set a competition to come-up with cool ways to make boring things more fun. Here’s the winner


The Inner Workings of the iPad

April 8, 2010

As we had our first question answered about the blendability of the iPad here, we now want to know what powers such a new device?

the guys over at Nerd Hardy cracked it open and had a look.


the funniest thing I have seen all day


Chatroulette: a game, a social experiment, or a site for voyeurs?

February 22, 2010

Picture 22Whatever it is, Chartroulette is both entertaining and addictive.

If you’ve ever Skyped with someone, then you are already familiar with the awkward experience that is synonymous with video chatting. Now imagine chatting with a total stranger, or multiple strangers, in rapid-fire succession. Sound like fun yet? Add a hint of speed dating drama and a pinch of chat room mischief, puree it together and you’ve got Chatroulette.

It is something that is both difficult to watch, yet hard to leave.

My past experiences on the site range from: strangers reading poetry, strangers asking me to flash them, strangers flashing me, familiar viral video feeds, occasional legitimate conversations, staring contests, and a lot of male anatomy. In fact, more than 25% of everything I stumbled upon would be rated XXX. Have no fear though, you can always ‘Next’ the crazy ones.

The site is a few months old and was created by Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17 year old in Russia. It currently has about 21,000 users from around the world it at any point in time, and seems to continually grow.

So if you’re an adrenaline junky, if you have a strong stomach, or if you just like meeting random people… test your luck and play a little Chatroulette. Be careful, you might poke your eye out!

Running Tally (out of 220 ppl):
Girls: 20 XXX: 55
Guys: 200 Real Conversation: 13
No Front Teeth: 1
Nothing special: 151

@Westpac Twitter Account is “So Over it Today”

February 18, 2010

Maybe one of the best brand tweets ever by @westpac, but sadly it appears to have been deleted. Some are calling it social media marketing genius whilst others suspect that Westpac may not have stocked the kitchen cupboard with enough TimTams today.

Here it is, preserved in screenshot glory:


Substantiated by a Google Search below:


Anyone know the real story – let us know in the comments 🙂

Really awesome T-Shirt War

February 18, 2010

found this browsing around and it is great so I thought I share it with you


Not ….king funny

February 15, 2010

The new Burger King TV ad in the UK made me laugh. The digital is pretty cool as well, but the gag’s lost a bit in print … and by that burger. Anyway, you can create your own t-shirt and if you get 50 votes, you win it.

The crap bit is that in order to vote, you have to watch the TV ad. (And it was all going so well). I guess those pesky atl suits couldn’t keep their fingers out of the digital pie 😉

Here’s the ****king Amnesia blog shirt. Vote on it (if u can stand being forced to watch the TVC), tell us you’ve voted in the comments below and I’ll send the shirt to one of you if / when we get it :)  Vote here


Here’s the ****king TV ad:


Kleinmania hits Threadless

January 22, 2010

Our very own Michael Kleinman presents (another) sequel to the most amazing shirt in the world.

What started as a bit of a laugh could end up as a 4-color screen print with plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

Mike is too proud to ask for votes, so I’m asking you to go check it out and get clicky on the 5 if you like it!

Pepsi changes it’s name to Pecsi

December 10, 2009

People couldn’t pronounce the word Pepsi in Argentina so the brand changed it’s name to something they could pronounce…Pecsi. Love it.



More here