Google to take over the world – Part 2

May 12, 2011

Googles I/O event is in its second day and personally I was more excited about yesterdays announcements, but Google is not stopping with new and improved ideas.

Today they showed off their Google TV running a new honeycomb UI that will be released later this year.


You will be able to run your apps and widgets on the screen and there will be a much faster way to get back to your live TV.

The Google TV remote app was always a bit too complicated and Google announced today that the source code for it will be made open source (source code here) so anyone can make their own and improve it. The Anymote protocol code is also available (here) which means you can integrate it into phones and tablets.

More things to come as well as soon as Android 3.1 will hit the TVs – mentions of 3D support and Game Controller support for example.


The Android Market was another topic for Google today and they announced improvements on discovering apps – the market has grown to over 200000 apps and it is quite hard to find the good ones. Now there are 5 new features that will help you find the next Angry Birds:

New Top app charts – fresh new look and country specific
Editor’s choice section – apps chosen by Google
Top Developers section – a special icon next to the name of the developers that fit the criteria
improved related apps
trending apps – it shows you which apps are growing the fastest

Right now they are only on the web based version of the market, but Google mentioned that it will come soon to the phone and tablet versions of the market.

From June onwards the market will also support larger apps – up to 4GB – and it will give the developers the ability to exclude specific handsets – sorry HTC Magics


So what was left for Google? Chrome OS

The biggest improvements to Googles OS are that it will support Netflix and Hulu (can you please hurry up and establish yourself in Australia) right out of the box.

There will be new hardware – both Samsung and Acer models were shown off and they will include offline versions of Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. They will probably hit the market in a few month.

Chrome OS laptops will cost you nothing upfront – instead you will pay a monthly subscription that includes regular software and hardware upgrades.

There was also a teaser that Samsung is going to build a desktop version called Chromebox that will run Chrome OS


And who would have guessed, but there will be Angry Birds at the Chrome Web Store – it is build in WebGL, but also has Canvas support so it should run in different browsers to Chrome, however it will get exclusive content like chromebombs.

If you have been left out of the Chrome Web store you will be pleased to know that it is now available worldwide.


another day of great Google news



Google adds themes to Gmail. Ninjas spotted.

November 21, 2008


Gmail users will have noticed a bit of a change to Gmail in the last couple of days as Google rolls out the latest version of its hugely popular webmail client. The delicate blue border has been replaced with a brighter version, but that’s just the start. Just into your settings and you’re greeted with an extra tab for selecting visual themes.

There’s a lot to pick from but, really, they’re mostly a bit tacky. Standard themes with oceans, trees and clouds are predictably in abundance. The cartoony style of ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Tea House’ are a bit cute and if  you’re a nostalgic geek and/or no longer wish to have functioning retinas, check out ‘Terminal’ for some eye-searing ascii art goodness.

There’s a ninja theme, but it’s a cartoony ninja theme – not a silent-dealer-of-death-ninja theme, which is a bit disappointing. It’s understandable though, because as we all know, real ninjas are invisible.