Legally stream (almost) all the music you want in Australia – for free.

December 16, 2010

We all like music, right? I mean, some of us profess to enjoy it more properly, appropriately or adequately than others – this here Superior Hipster for example:

…but when you get down to it, pretty much everybody likes it.

So, we all want more of it, right? Thus the dawn and success of the iPod, and various other MP3 players. We could carry our thousands of tunes with us everywhere we went, beautiful.

Read on through my rambles to find out what I think the best music streaming service available to Australians is (so far). Read the rest of this entry »

R.A.E.D – A Meme an Internet star waiting to to be born.

October 25, 2010

It’s not often you see something quite this, urm… well you just have to watch this to believe it.

The actual rap starts at around 3mins so feel free to skip the ‘acting’ part at the beginning.
RAED says there are No More Tears To Cry. We disagree, the tears are flowing. Sheer interwebs awesomeness.

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