Halo Golf – Halo Fore online viral Game

September 28, 2007

Update: Original URL has closed. Archive of this project (here)
In the spirit of our award winning Paper Plane viral game – here it is, Halo Fore Golf.  Seeing as Halo 3 is the last in the series, we thought it would be quite amusing to have an official Halo 4 out so soon. Ooops I meant FORE! So you whack your mouse to get close to the hole. We have a bit of code that measures how close you are to the flag to an atomic level so it is unlikely that there will be two players with a #1 ranking. Go for top spot!

The cool thing is the first few thousand players will be donating money to a red or blue charity. Up to $1 depending on how close you can get to the hole.

PLEASE PASS THE LINK ABOVE ON! If not for us or Xbox, then do it for CHARITY!!! Thanks 🙂


Halo – Grunt Attack

September 12, 2007



Grunt attack

This is a nicely executed promotion of the upcoming Halo 3 Xbox game, SIMPLE and very ADDICTIVE!

The surround sound highlights the senses and allows for a quicker reaction.

If you’re into it you can unlock 3 more online Xbox 360 -WebKudos.

Hint: Use headphones and use the radar.


Feed the Head!

September 11, 2007

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Here’s a crazy distraction if you haven’t seen it yet. Feed the head!

I won’t tell you what to do. That’s for you to figure out.

Xbox 360 Paper Plane V2.0 Game

July 8, 2007

Newsflash 13 Sept 07: We have been working hard on a brand new ‘time wasting’ game engine, that is based loosly on Paper Plane. Something to do with Halo3 and Golf… (go figure!) Watch this space, we will post a link here very soon… .

Reskinned and revamped for Xbox Australia. Version 2 of Amnesia’s rather addictive “Paper Plane” game is live…

Xbox Paper Plane

Original Paper Plane game (Flight Sim X) with over 75 million games played is here:

Some good user tips and comments here:

Conquer the globe in your lunch break

March 9, 2007

Conquer Club is not an online version of the popular boardgame Risk a completely original strategy game.

Play against people all over the globe, explore exciting new lands and make and break alliances as you attempt to wipe all traces of your opponents off the map.

Conflicts can be conducted across tens of different (user-made) maps, including: Australia, The Phillipines and even Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Gameplay is carried out in a pseudo-correspondence style and it can be frustrating for people who like their games to be more ‘twitchy’ and less ‘thinky’. This is the sort of game where you are notified by email that it’s your turn to play – in fact that’s exactly how it happens if you take too long to have your turn. However you aren’t limited to playing just one game at a time and a premium (paid) membership gives you unlimited simultaneous games as well as the ability to lock out the unwashed masses from your private games.

Line Rider gets an update

December 11, 2006

One of the best flash “games” ever created online just got a well earned update.

http://www.official-linerider.com/play.html – This is the official site (Beware clones).

You can now use an eraser, create ‘flag points’, and an accelerater line to give your little guy a speed boost.

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Watch this, then go draw a few lines 🙂

The best online Paper Plane Game ever! (updated)

November 13, 2006

For some reason this little Paper Plane game has developed a life of it’s own. The words addiction, annoying and aaaaarrghhhh seem to be used commonly. Sorry everyone… we only made it for a laugh 😉

Original Viral Game Xbox 360 Version Mock Ads (NEW – Jan 08)
image image image
It just keeps spreading… a good throw is over 115m. You can find cheats in comments below or on YouTube

PLAY >>>

Slightly different graphics and tweaked flight. A good score is over 140m.

PLAY >>>

We have no idea how far you can throw a migrant. But would you even want to????

PLAY >>>

Jan 15 – The Paper Plane engine was just re-purposed by us for the AdNews ‘mock-ads’ (it is not a real site, but a what if…) If you’re bored of throwing planes then try throwing a Migrant! Play here. Note: Please read the intro before you get the wrong idea… this is a ‘reverse psychology ad’ that carries the real social message …at the end.

“That’s gotta hurt…”

Jan 4 2008 – Approaching 200 million games. The game was even mentioned in US Rolling Stone Magazine in December. So we’re starting to think about a new version and we’d love any feedback and requests for what you’d like to see improved/new features. We’ve set a page for your thoughts here.

It’s simple – throw the plane as far as you can using your mouse. You can play a game in less than 5 seconds. But if you’re like most people, you might have more than a few throws. There are plenty of tips and tricks from nice people below in the comments so read on if you are stuck.

Game History:
We built this mini game for a FlightSim X promo/competition in Dec 06. It finished it’s run after 6 weeks on NineMSN in Australia (did very well) and we pulled it from air when the competition ended. In April 07 we stuck it up on our archive server, and we put a link to it here in our blog. We have no idea how the game spread given that we did nothing to promote it, but we do really appreciate everyone (now counted in millions) giving up their valuable minutes to play. We intend to keep it up and running as long as people like it and want to play it, and hopefully we can pump out some new versions in the future if the demand is there.

Oh finally… we do apologise to people who have spent so much time, lost jobs, wives etc …over a (let’s be honest) rather annoying little game…

Love Amnesia 🙂