Collection of Talking Animal Memes

April 21, 2011

Today we gathered around and shared videos of animals that… ok I’m not going to spoil it. Just have a look for yourself:
(It helps if you watch them in order…)

Goat Yells Like a man
Goat sings with Usher
Goat that yells like Chris Tucker
Kobold Maki–try watching this without laughing.
Death Metal Rooster

Social Media vs. the law

December 22, 2010

The AFL ‘dickileaks’ scandal has been unfolding for nearly three days through mainstream news and of course, social media. Where it all began.

Ahh, social media. That sinister, loud-mouthed influencer of the digital playground where content goes to become viral, get blown out of proportion and break all the rules. Or does it?

The controversial story about St Kilda FC player, Nick Riewoldt and his team mate Nick Dal Santo has been flooding the Twitter stream since Monday night when the naughty photos were posted by an unnamed 17 year old teenage girl on her Facebook page. The pics have since been hidden (I feel that ‘removed’ is too strong to use when referring to anything on the Internet), but social media is still buzzing and amping the hype. Since the ‘dickileaks’ hashtag went viral yesterday, it has been mentioned over 1800 times by more than 970 contributors and been repeatedly mentioned in mainstream news reports. It is also still trending in Australia. nick riewoldt 2

Hours after the material was posted, her Facebook profile was closed down and the Police had been contacted. So with the photos, she took to Twitter where her follower count exploded from 200 to 8200. Talk of legal action has been thrown around but in Oz, Social Media and the law meet at a very blurry line. An article on has suggested that she could be charged under the Surveillance Devices Act or the so-called Upskirting Law (prohibits the visual capture and intentional distribution of photos of another person’s genitals) if it is proven that she did take the photos. It also carries a two year jail term.

So, should Social Media be bound by the same legalities that is abided by, by other media types through communications law? Why isn’t it already?

Copyright, Libel and Slander, Liability and Deceptive Acts and Practices have been identified online as areas where social media needs to watch it’s back. In the UK, privacy laws would apply to this situation and in the US, the ‘right to privacy’ could be brought into play. Should we follow suit?

This is the 3rd nudey Australian celebrity incident to circulate, escalate and Twitter-late this year.

This. Year.

In March, we saw Lara Bingle’s ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ naked shower photo appear on the Internet (but not before Woman’s Day reported it) and in early November, (then) Canberra Raiders player Joel Monaghan was snapped in a compromising position with a Labrador while celebrating Mad Monday festivities with his team mates. (See the censored pics below)…

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Power Pinata from Vodafone

December 3, 2010

Here’s a nice idea for a game. Smash the living daylights out of this Piñata using facebook, a robot connected to the internet and baseball bat. When the Piñata bursts it’s a free for all to grab a prize.

Here it is in action. It’s a little like watching cricket … the difference is the English are actually smashing the Aussies.

Anyone discovered any cheats to make the robot smash the Piñata a bit harder?

Lovely idea though. I’m jealous. @handypearce

R.A.E.D – A Meme an Internet star waiting to to be born.

October 25, 2010

It’s not often you see something quite this, urm… well you just have to watch this to believe it.

The actual rap starts at around 3mins so feel free to skip the ‘acting’ part at the beginning.
RAED says there are No More Tears To Cry. We disagree, the tears are flowing. Sheer interwebs awesomeness.

Currently sitting at 16,884 views at time of publishing.

UK Space Agency’s digital goof: Plans Asteroid avoidance using Yorkshire Fencing Company!?

September 21, 2010

It’s been in the news UK now has its very own Space Agency.It’s a serious business and cost 40 million pounds to set up and has 230 million in funds. So how will they prevent disaster and stop asteroids (or NEO’s)? Turns out a small Yorkshire fencing company is the solution (although they probably have no idea about it yet).


The UK Space Agency links directly to the SPACEGUARD CENTRE that will save us all if there is a problem. (original page here).

image clip_image002

Welcome to Spaceguard, protector of the earth and asteroid attacks. Yep, they sell fences in Yorkshire…



Obviously this is a mistake. Rather an amusing one though…
We think they probably meant to send people to this site not this one

Digital Marketing Lesson #276: Always check your Hyperlinks 🙂

Kitty criminal – the viral story of CatBinLady

August 27, 2010


I was walking home from work and saw this cat wander out in front of me. I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly thought it would be funny to put it in the wheelie bin, which was right beside me.

Happens to the best of us, eh? This is how 45 year old Mary Bale from Coventry in the UK described the bizarre lapse of judgement that has catapulted her to global interweb fame in the space of a few days.

Lola the cat’s owner, Darryl Mann, heard her piteous yowling inside the wheelie bin outside his home fifteen hours later. Unluckily for Mrs Bale, her random act of kitty cruelty was captured on Darryl’s security cameras and promptly uploaded to YouTube by his wife, Stephanie. It wasn’t long before the resourcefulness of crowds tracked her down, and now she’s news from the Washington Post to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Her name, address, manager’s phone number have been posted online; there are at least 8 Facebook pages denouncing her villainy (not counting ‘Death to Mary Bale’, removed by Facebook). The Sun newspaper in the UK has published a Flash whack-a-mole game (renamed Whack-cat-woman) allowing users to smack Mary’s wicked head as it pops out of wheelie bins.


Back on YouTube there’s a video entitled ‘Cruel Cat Dumps Woman In Bin (Revenge of Cat)’ in which the tables are turned – a man in a Sylvester the Cat suit dumps an old lady in a wheelie bin.


Mary’s even got a fake twitter account in her name, CatBinLady, which has her tweeting pathological random acts of weirdness as she goes through her day: “Just kicked the head off next door’s gnome. For a joke. Who’s laughing now though? Not me. Not me.”


In short – she’s gone VIRAL! In just days.

While notorious Mary is barricaded at home, pilloried by the world’s media, menaced by crowds outside her house and expecting to lose her job, you’ll be pleased to hear that Lola has recovered from her ordeal purrrfectly.

Only in New Zealand

August 5, 2010

I stumbled across these nutty sports whilst doing some work for our client, Tourism New Zealand. Thought I’d share them:

1) Pomparkour Ladder Sport
This sport is either invented by V energy or just used in it’s latest campaign, but it’s still pretty cool.

2) High speed barefoot long boarding … on a freeway!
These guys are just nuts. Spot the guy with no shoes on.

Urban Bowling

July 30, 2010

Another parody of the Sony Bravia bouncing balls ad from TBWA Paris. It’s been ages since the last one so it actually made me laugh.

The Speed Camera Lottery

July 1, 2010

The Cannes award winning VW Fun Theory set a competition to come-up with cool ways to make boring things more fun. Here’s the winner


Hi-Tec achieves a viral miracle with it’s walking on water doco

June 2, 2010

So Hi-Tec has come clean by admitting it was the brand behind the “Liquid Mountaineering” documentary, which has attracted over 4 million views.

We’ve seen many a fake viral fall flat in the past; most notably the high profile backfire of Naked’s Witchery viral in early 2009. It’s true you can’t fool a YouTube audience. However, Hi-Tec have made a masterful attempt at tricking YouTubers into thinking a group of european thrill seekers have managed to run on water. Gullible bogans. Lots of people have called it, but many people seem to have been taken in:

… or are they?? Or have CCCP (the dutch ad agency behind this genius) done the sensible thing and flooded the comments board with a load of bollocks to make you put all logical thought to one side and think this is actually real. I sincerely hope these comments are genuine, but  sadly I suspect the most gullible ones are not.

I have to admit it had me going until I saw this shot:

… and the bit with men running on water.

As an agency, we don’t create “viral videos”. We create pieces of content that, given the right ingredients, we hope will achieve viral status.

So I thought it would be worth deconstructing the ingredients of one of the best ‘fake virals’ I’ve seen.

Here’s my learnings from CCCP’s viral miracle.

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The TV Show – Watch It

May 3, 2010

This isn’t the newest fantastic piece of animation around, but we haven’t mentioned it here yet – and it’s well worth watching. Produced by Sugimoto Kousuke (director) and Manabe Takayuki (music), it’s an excellent example of carefully combining sweet animation with thumping beats.

How you can not watch something with a scene like this? I don’t know. Click through to see the video.

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New York Under 8-Bit Attack

April 8, 2010

Forget King Kong atop the Empire State Building, long live Donkey Kong!

Check out the wholly destruction based fantasy of long time gamers in this video, when New York has everything 8-bit unleashed upon it:

[Courtesy of Gizmodo AU]

Valve Software is up to something. More cake likely.

March 4, 2010

It’s been a crazy week for fans of the Portal that have been following the gaming press. After last patching the game with minor fixes in June 2009, Valve have pushed two cryptic updates live for the game this week, both of which made changes to the game itself.

The first added several radios to the game’s levels in addition to the ones already present in the game. Usually these just play some fairly crazy, mexican sounding musak, but several forum-posters on various sites have found that placing these radios on the various red buttons scattered throughout the game as part of the game mechanics, causes them to broadcast a new series of signals.

Things only get crazier from there. Portal fans from a bunch of fan forums, bless ’em, have examined the transmissions and managed to decode them into morse code and images of security camera footage from Aperture Labs – the installation the game takes place in. The rabbit hole went further, though, as an MD5 hashed phone number for an old-school Bulletin Board Service was found in the images which itself had MORE cryptic images.

Kotaku‘s Michael McWhertor has a great write-up of the findings.

I love that Valve put this stuff out there knowing that their fans are crazy enough to do the work. I guess that’s what happens when you have to wait so long for sequel announcements! <cough>Episode 3</cough>

The second update to the game, which JUST went live actually changed the game’s ending – albeit very slightly.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but if you HAVE finished the game, you can see the updated ending over at Giant Bomb.

All of this looks like it points to an announcement for Portal 2 at the GDC next week where Valve’s Gabe Newell is receiving the Pioneer Award for the Game Developers Choice Awards 2010.

One thing’s for sure. These points of data make a beautiful line.

Pepsi changes it’s name to Pecsi

December 10, 2009

People couldn’t pronounce the word Pepsi in Argentina so the brand changed it’s name to something they could pronounce…Pecsi. Love it.



More here

Burger King does augmented reality banners

November 2, 2009

Here’s a nice banner concept from Burger King that uses augmented reality. Grab a dollar bill, hold it in front of your webcam and see what appears. Nice.


Watch all of YouTube in 3:24 (well, sort of)

October 2, 2009

Via Pophangover

Sour Japanese Music Video does it with Webcams

August 5, 2009

This breathtaking video was made by coordinating dozens of fans of the Japanese music group Sour. The only way I can think of describing it is “webcam synchronised swimming”. Watch it. It is pure genius.


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Viral Wedding Video increases music sales.

July 29, 2009

10 million viral Wedding views in a week on Youtube  can do wonders for music sales, even if you’re Chris Brown languishing in a career low point (here). Neilsen points out (here) that Brown’s track Forever from 2008 was nowhere to be seen until this week, but is now in the top 10 for the US and Australia. The only possible reason being the Viral Wedding video which has a link to the track on iTunes. It raises some interesting points on the usage rights. Several people here pointed out that many similar videos have had the audio stripped by YouTube for copyright violation, yet this is a clear case of win-win for everyone involved. A clear indication to the Music industry that a social media model for music sales exists.

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Click image above to watch the video



The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos

July 14, 2009

OK, Urlesque put this list up in April, but I couldn’t let it go unblogged. The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos. They’re all here. Star Wars Kid, Lazy Sunday, Numa Numa, Tron Guy, etc.

You can eat the list in bite-sized chunks of 5, or digest the whole list in one sitting.

Here’s a taste:

Yes. You DO want it that way.

Be warned, though, that some of the videos are in Hulu, so people outside the US will be out of luck.

(Side note: Hey, Hulu. I’ll pay you 10 bucks a month to let me watch, k? Thnx)

The ghost of Michael Jackson visits Meme school.

July 7, 2009

Millions of people have been drawn to this footage which shows a shadowy figure walk across the hallway in Neverland during the filming of Larry King live. Full screen and speakers up to get the best out of this version which reveals a new audible piece of evidence:

Rest in peace MJ.