Corona rewards Facebook Likers with Times Square ego ride

October 13, 2010

In theory I’ll be on a giant billboard in Times Square along with 45,000 others (and growing). Why? because by liking Corona on Facebook they’ll integrate/feed you into their ad in Times Square. More on Mashable here:


Who is watching?

July 6, 2009

this is not the latest news, but it is still worth a mention.

Ads in bus stops in Hamburg, Germany were erected that change their content when someone is looking at them.


a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology can tell exactly when someone is checking it out and changes the content.


The Ad is an anti-domestic abuse message. When no one is looking, it shows a man hitting his wife. But when you look right at it, it changes to a picture of the couple looking happy and normal.

Pretty cool and effective.

MINI Ad Uses 3D Cabrio Model From The Future

December 15, 2008

Imagine this: You’re reading through a car magazine when you come to an ad for the new MINI Cabrio. The ad directs you to a URL, and once there, asks you to place your magazine in front of a webcam. Suddenly a 3D model of the new Mini appears on the page, and you are literally holding it in your hands. If you move it closer to the webcam, the Mini gets bigger, if you move it farther away, the Mini gets smaller, and you can twist, turn and rotate the model to look at it from any angle that you’d like. It’s like a miniature showroom in the palm of your hands, and you’re in control.

That’s exactly what Mini has done with their latest series of magazine ads.

Jump for more info and video demonstration