Digital Traffic Update: AdNews Vs Mumbrella Vs B&T Vs Campaign Brief

March 25, 2010

Updated Mon March 24 2.31pm (Data now includes latest webstats as supplied by Mumbrella, Adnews, B&T, Campaign Brief, Inspiration Room).

Please note: This article is intended to provide a basic snapshot of trending traffic volume as supplied by publically available sources, it is not an in depth analysis of publisher content, audience, engagement etc.

There’s always a sense of irony about reporting on the people who report on you daily …but every now and then we’ll check up on  the trends for local ad industry publishers in the digital space. This is not an attempt to compare apples with oranges on who’s reading what (eg: clients vs industry readership) but 2010 is shaping up to be a more interesting statistical battle traffic-wise with AdNews changing their model last month posting substantial gains in February (reasons listed below).

2009 was definitely a big year for Mumbrella coming out of the blue and scoring a lot of digital traffic with its blog format site. In contrast AdNews 2009 website numbers were destined to be limited because of their online model which only allowed access to stories for paid subscribers (although it saw gains to the end of the year when it discreetly opened up stories to email subscribers). B&T saw good digital growth in 2009 opening up for comments in posts and interestingly they appeared to somehow ride the coattails of Mumbrella’s traffic with notably similar peaks and troughs appearing in the traffic data below.

Campaign Brief and The Inspiration Room were kind enough to send in their latest data following, again showing solid growth online in the last calendar year.


Above: Alexa data for Adnews, Mumbrella, B&T

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AdNews running competition to find in house social media expert.

January 8, 2010

A subtle but very interesting social media career opportunity appeared on the AdNews newsletter yesterday. In a bid to find the perfect person to run social media at AdNews (or as the ad says “The AdNews Online Ninja”) AdNews has asked for “an original idea that achieves spectacular results” brought to life using digital means along with the plain old CV. There’s not a lot of time to get busy – applications close on Jan 27.

Details here:


Below: Pop Digital culture – Ninja beats Pirate.


AdNews opens up greater access to website content

July 31, 2009

We noticed a few months ago a small but significant change to the AdNews website. Given this has not been publicised we thought it would be worth posting: All registered users for AdNews emails appear to be able to access full stories inside their site simply by clicking links from within the AdNews daily email bulletin. This is a neat bypass to the paid subscription required for the same stories on the website. 

Most people visiting the AdNews website in the past will know that content has been inaccessible for non-subscribers including registered users (you had to have a physical subscription, or repeatedly register for limited access to view the content). The email subscription seems to be a valid workaround.

Another interesting point is that the email link url contains the word BETA would usually indicate other changes in development. We did hear a rumour that posts on their site would be open for comments soon. Perhaps if AdNews read this they could post a comment here and let us know 😉

AdNews email registration can be found here.

You can finally get into Adnews content by signing up for email.

Update: I called AdNews about the post and they confirmed it is a legitimate way to access their content.

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Mumbrella outshines AdNews and B&T in digital

March 23, 2009

A quick look at traffic trends from publicly available data* suggests that Tim Burrowes (ex-Editor of B&T Magazine) and founder of has a digital strategy that is working. After only a few short months Mumbrella has passed the established ‘ad industry news publications’ in terms of overall digital traffic to its site according to Alexa. In addition Mumbrella’s 1600 followers on Twitter (here) appear to place it in a very interesting position for both sourcing and breaking news to an influential Twitter user base. Noticeably, the blog format which Mumbrella is using is paying off particularly in SEO with Mumbrella yielding solid results in Google from its stories and 83% of all traffic coming from Australia.

Above: Mumbrella matches B&T’s highs, but significantly beats B&Ts lows indicating a more healthy ‘always on’ digital presence. Source –

The AdNews website currently requires a subscription to read full stories and B&T publishes a daily pdf based newsletter – a format some struggle with compared to the global trend to more open story/blog formats which allow interesting debate and comment within articles.

All three break their news in a daily email digest (numbers of subscribers currently unknown for each).

AdNews is preparing to release a new site shortly and with the largest print circulation it has a solid platform to mount an attack on its competitors. We hear it will also integrate Twitter as part of the strategy. At this point we are unaware what B&T has planned for its digital presence ongoing.

* Source


Amnesia wins BEST IN SHOW at W3 Awards

October 15, 2008

Kick a Migrant has won BEST in SHOW at W3 – the highest accolade possible at the international W3 awards. These are fairly tough awards to win – we’ve only managed a couple of Silver in the past. Ironic that we should win for a mock AD brief posed to us by AdNews. Does show that when you take risks they occasionally pay off.

Kick a migrant has seen 1,690,091 games played with a $0 media spend