Monitor coverage and issues online with Perspctv

November 5, 2008

Perspctv is a web service that shows and compares online coverage of up to five issues across twitter, news and the blogosphere.

Currently the site is automatically tracking coverage of the US Election going on right now, but users can make their own dashboards by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


That’s the first one I made, comparing "android”, “blackberry” and “iphone”. Coincidentally, that’s the first one that TechCrunch tried.

Check it out at

The best email/Outlook add-on ever made – Xobni.

July 3, 2008

Email is great, but it makes my life hell at the same time. This great free and very useful Outlook add-on/extension from Xobni (that’s ‘inbox’ spelled backwards) tells you exactly what’s happening with your email. Hurrah! You’ll see who’s sending you what, stats gallore, and makes searching a lot faster through indexing. The analytics are brilliant.


Yes, (see above) since 2004 I’ve gone from 6,000 emails to 16,000 that is with all spam removed. Wondered why I couldn’t get any work done these days! (Notice that I actually send a lot less now – I try to use the phone more).

image You can see who sent you how much, what and when + get threaded conversations and all files in one spot. Not to mention how quickly you responded etc. Also links through to Linked In for additional information which is kind of handy.

A little slow installing/indexing (took about 35 mins for me) but then again, look at the amount of information this thing is crunching.