The future of Eyewear is Googles Project Glass

April 5, 2012

The rumours have been around for a while but Google finally unveiled Project glass. 


Google X – the secret Google lab that focuses on technology that should reach the masses. They worked on this project to deliver a technology that should work for you, to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t. Augmented reality puts information in your field of view with information about your surroundings, answers to questions you asked and waypoints on maps if you want directions. It can also take picture that you can instantly share with your Google+ circles.

check out the video below to get an idea of what it is capable off.

The glasses are in Beta testing at the moment and Google hasn’t released and dates or prices for it yet.

It is fair to assume that Google will release the technology and glasses manufacturers will be able to implement it into their creations.

So where is my prototype to test it, Google?


The next generation shadow puppets brought to you by Microsoft

November 7, 2011

I have been writing about Microsoft Research quite a bit and lately it seems that they are showing off our future every few days.

Last week was no different and they gave us 3 different projectors that allow you to interact with them through shadows and augmented reality.



3 devices, split up into camera, room and SLAM models, incorporate pico projectors, coaxial IR cameras, inertial measurement units (IMUs) and the company’s Kinect to project augmented visions onto surrounding surfaces. The environmentally aware systems allow for shadow- and touch-based interaction with the CG overlays, offering pinch functionality, icon selection and even painting.

Pretty cool you think? Check out the video


One day we might all have one of those to check out the latest furniture and what they will look like in our home.


Great concept for an AR app

June 24, 2011

Always went to a place and thought “I am sure the filmed this movie here” but you weren’t really sure about it?

The Augmented Reality Cinema will come to the rescue.

Augmented Reality Cinema

The idea is simple, start up the app point it in the direction where you think they shot the movie and it will show you the scene on the screen.

Cool? Hell yeah.

hopefully whoever makes it is smart enough to include the community. Tag your favourite movie spot, add this scene to it etc. etc.


Finally a great AR system – Sony SmartAR

May 24, 2011

Augmented reality has been around for a while now and we have been using it in the past as well, but we always found it to be sluggish, laggy and unreliable.

Sony SmartAR

Now it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel a Sony is holding the torch. Sony announced their SmartAR everybody thought that it is just another technology that has the same issues.

But check out the video below and prepare to be blown away – fast response times, markerless object recognition and original anchors can be out of sight and your virtual object just keeps animating.

There was no availability date announced yet, but I am sure AR will get a lot more coverage once it is out.


Unboxing the Parrot AR Drone

October 26, 2010

We love unboxing gadgets! …and the AR Drone from Parrot is GREAT fun. The Drone is controlled via an iPhone app which works by tilting your phone to steer whilst viewing a live video feed through a camera mounted in the Drone. It’s a truly usable Augmented Reality device.


How to buy in Australia: We ordered it from It took 3 days to be delivered to Sydney from the US and cost just under $350.00 AUD including delivery.

So here it is the unboxing through to a test flight…

Amazon delivers it in a HUGE box…

Slightly smaller, but still big box inside…

The Drone is neatly packed surrounded by protective cardboard.

No unwrapping necessary. It pops straight out. Nothing to assamble.


Battery, battery pack and stickers for the external shell.


It comes with the outdoor shell, and adaptors for Au, UK, US, EU.

Below: Unboxed looking at home in the studio…


Below: @bradyohalloran takes an instagram photo of the AR Drone:


Below: Flight Test: This a video taken from the Drone’s camera in the studio.

Below: We do like the idea of attaching a GoPro camera to the Drone to attain HD video – here’s a nice clip of someone flying the drone pretty high… (you can unlock the altitude sensor in the iphone app allowing you to go up as hi as the wifi lets you).

Below: The Promo Vid for the AR Drone.

Things you should know before you buy:

You get one battery that lasts for about 15 mins flying time.
Charger comes with four adaptors incl AUS, UK, US, EU.
You need an iphone or ipod touch to control it.
You don’t need a wifi network (the Drone creates one).
It takes about 5-10 mins to get to grips with the controls.
You need a seperate app to record video.
Onboard Video is 15fps
There is a secondary camera on the bottom of the Drone.
You need 2 of them to have a virtual dogfight.
It’s much bigger than it looks.
It’s a lot of fun.

Augmented reality maps – TED2010 Talk – Blaise Aguera’s demo

February 16, 2010

Blaise Aguera, co-creator of Photosynth, demonstrates the latest Microsoft augmented reality mapping technology from MS Live Labs.

Great fodder for brainstorming ways emerging mapping (and image/data crowdsourcing) technology can be wrapped up in practical applications.


That’s a live video feed layered over 3D map of an interior space.


Layered images from multiple sources.


Look up for time-based constellation mapping.


The world’s first augmented reality t-shirt

January 27, 2010


Good old rock, paper scissors. With this t-shirt you don’t need a friend to play. Just stand in front of the webcam and hey presto. I’m now thinking of ideas to build on this. Watch this space Check it out (via)


TEDIndia: Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

December 8, 2009

Pranav Mistry, the genius behind SixthSense, gives a demonstration of the technology and talks about both where it came from and where it’s going.

Recorded at TEDIndia in November, 2009.

Very interesting to see technology that brings the virtual world into the real world instead of the other way around.

Burger King does augmented reality banners

November 2, 2009

Here’s a nice banner concept from Burger King that uses augmented reality. Grab a dollar bill, hold it in front of your webcam and see what appears. Nice.


Augmented reality X-ray vision

October 26, 2009

X-ray vision – the thing that every 80s child dreamt about – is here. See through walls, cars and other objects … and look like a right dork whilst wearing the augmented reality headset.



Hand From Above

October 16, 2009

Hand From Above by Chris O'Shea

Hand From Above is an interactive installation by Chris O’Shea. He was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Liverpool City Council for BBC Big Screen Liverpool and the Live Sites Network to create something for the BBC Big Screen. Hand From Above interacts with unsuspecting pedestrians, it can tickle, stretch, flick or remove entirely them on the big screen. Chris used openFrameworks and OpenCV to build this software.

Watch the video here

Quoted from today and tomorrow


September 17, 2009

A great little augmented reality app for the iphone 3Gs that points you to the nearest and best places to work.

Launches in London soon, then San Fran. Expected to be a global service by late 2009.

See more



Cool business card

July 20, 2009

We have been talking about Augmented Reality for quite some time and we gave some pretty cool examples here and here and here.

So this guy came up with another use for it that is actually really practical and is nearly as cool as our Surface business cards here 


It’s pretty cool – well done. you can check out his blog here

GE – Cool site with Augmented Reality

February 4, 2009

This new site from GE ‘smartgrid’ to promote a greener earth is really beautifully designed, great use of Papervision 3D and a nice touch with the augmented reality (shot below). It’s well worth looking at. Unsure which agency produced this so if you know please post in comments so we can credit.


Augmented reality travel guide

November 28, 2008

I’m holding off getting my new all singing, all dancing phone until I know a) which one is actually going to be the best and b) when an acceptable deal comes along that doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting ripped off.

The fact that we don’t get the latest handsets straight away, there’s no unlimited data plans and they love 24 month contracts in Aus doesn’t actually help much on either account. But when I see things like this I’m optimistic that I’m doing the right thing and not jumping on the iPhone band wagon.

It’s an augmented reality app for the android. Wikitude, developed by Mobilizy is a…”AR travel guide with functionality based on Wikipedia and Panoramio. You search landmarks in your surroundings and view them on a map, list, and on an augmented reality (AR) camera view. You’ll see an annotated landscape, mountain names, landmark descriptions”.

Here’s the demo, what do you think?

Papervision – Augmented reality

November 27, 2008

Augmented reality, although this seems to be moving along slowly, it does seem to be showing some promise. This demo at Digital Pictures demonstrates how augmented reality brings this papervision character to life through using a webcam and a bit of flash. Surely with the help of some great creative minds this could be put to good use 🙂


Check out Digital Pictures if you would like to test and check it out for yourself