The First Ten Years of Search

February 4, 2010

Search just finished its first decade! Our US Search teams have put together a look back over the past 10 years and key milestones which have shaped the search landscape today. It’s amazing how far the industry has come in such a short space of time and how much it has changed. Most notably, back in 2000 Google was the default search engine for Yahoo users and now they’re main competitors!

Click here to see The Decade in Search highlights and below our thoughts from Amnesia, it’s effect on the APAC region and what the future is set to hold – for the moment at least!

Why has Google become so strong?

  • Leading innovation, products and add ons that are simple for consumers to use and make Google the one-stop shop for consuming and sharing online
  • For advertisers they have developed user friendly interfaces, in-depth reporting and free applications such as Analytics and Insights to make sure we can target consumers as effectively as possible on the Google network
  • Both Yahoo and MSN have both lagged behind in innovation which has ultimately held back their advancement in the majority of APAC

Key Changes for the APAC region:

  • Reputation management – the force that is social is an exciting time as online becomes more of an open forum. As search engines start to rank more and more social content the process of reputation management becomes more challenging and also brings up the age old question – is all news good PR?
  • Censorship – hot topic at the moment especially here in Australia. Is the free availability of information set to end? We’ll be keeping a close eye on proceedings and also the effects this may have on advertisers
  • China is the key market for change, with recent heavy news coverage that Google may pull out over a combination of high levels of censorship and hacking linked to the government.
  • Accessibility – the imminent launch of new devices, such as, the iPad and Android phones, will open up the way people can search and the frequency in which they can do it
  • Bing – Microsoft’s new search engine has reportedly been growing, albeit at a small rate. It will be interesting to see locally if consumers in each market will transition once it comes out of Beta and all features are available. Look out Google? Only time will tell!

All in all we are about to enter the next chapter in Search. Especially here in APAC where there are many different types of market, from emerging to mature and everything in between. The key to success is strategy localisation to ensure your advertising is meeting the needs of consumers from very varied backgrounds.

Jeremy’s Bing photo features in TV ad

October 28, 2009

This TV ad for Bing implies vampires are fans Amnesiafish Jeremy’s photo contest winning lightning shot.

Nice one, Jeremy! You’re a big hit with the undead.


Bing Sees Growth in Australia

October 14, 2009

bingAn article in the Australian reported that Bing and Yahoo are starting to see an increase in market share to take on search giant Google. This is in line with trends in the US too. Lower CPCs generating higher efficiencies are said to be helping the increase.

We’ve also see this across our Search clients, but the article doesn’t touch base on the limitations of low consumer demand on the 2 engines and the challenges faced in optimising to low conversion volumes. We’re hoping to see a greater increase in Bing/Yahoo’s share as more of the US product features are launched locally – creating a real competitor to Google’s dominance.

Yahoo (serving Bing in Australia) has also recently launched a new feature to allow advertisers to see performance on their Premium Network (Bing/Yahoo) and Standard Networks. This will drive efficiency through greater targeting controls.
Full Article here:,,26195446-7582,00.html

Check out Bing today

August 3, 2009

Jeremy’s winning photo is the face of Bing today. Congratulations, Mr Somers!



Check it out today only:

Read more about how it got here:


Vote for Jeremy’s photo in the Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest

July 24, 2009

Man of many talents, jack of all trades, our very own Captain Creative, Jeremy is in the running to win a Bing home page photo contest.


Help him get there by voting and see this amazing lightning shot grace the front of Bing.

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