Twitter Hugs making the world a ‘betterer’ place… @pepsi @cocacola

July 3, 2009

From a genuinely random and spontaneous twitter experiment (here) that led to Coke and Pepsi becoming ‘friends’ on Twitter there’s been a fair bit of press coverage. Nice to see Biz Stone, founder of Twitter tweet it out too (here).
Maybe Twitter Hugs are something we’ll see more of in the future.
Adding links below as they come in:

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Above: The original tweet from Coke to Pepsi:
Below: Pepsi says Hellooo back to Coke.


Global Press Coverage:





Founder of Twitter Biz Stone – tweets out the news:

Reuters :


The Best Job In The World: Queensland Tourism wises up to Social Media

January 13, 2009

green island queensland

How’s this sound to you: a six-month, $AUD150K contract to live on Hamilton Island and vlog your experience?

I know how it sounds to me: absolutely miserable. That’s because I don’t like beaches, sunshine, or scuba diving or, you know, paradise. Ask anyone here — I’m a generally miserable person.

All kidding aside, though, this is a really great campaign by Tourism Queensland. Pushed out through Twitter and a very pretty banner campaign, The Best Job In The World has already been picked up by mainstream media all over the world.The job requirements are pretty simple: as Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, you get to experience all the GBR has to offer, collect the mail on occasion (via seaplane, of course) and report back to Australia and the world via blog and video.

At the site you can view the latest applicants for the job, get the low-down on the area if you’re unfamiliar and lose yourself in restless abandon whilst pondering exactly what the hell you’re still doing sitting in a cubicle…until you realise what you should be uploading your application for this position.

(For our overseas readers, it’s open to you guys, too — just need to meet the T&C listed on the website.)

Edited to add: my friends in NYC are having a ball with this on Tumblr. Let’s remind them that it’s 72 degrees and sunny here today.