Lessons in Twitter Ghostwriting from Britney Spears and Malcolm Turnbull

October 20, 2008

Updated 23/10:
I’m glad to see @therealbritney has seend the light. Twitter posts now contain the posters name (see below) and it appears thay Britney is new posting. Be interesting to see if she replies to fans directly…

end update/

The day started well for Britney Spears on Twitter…


Ahhh, but there’s the problem – it’s not really Britney, it’s just her marketing / PR team copying and pasting. No, “NOT the real Britney” and it didn’t take long for people to wise up:

“I’m following the BS PR team. I’m just a pop culture twit, what can I tell you?”

Oh dear. Britney (or her agency) has misunderstood what Twitter is all about – real people, real conversations, monologues, not dialogues.

Malcolm Turnbull (http://twitter.com/turnbullmalcolm) on the other hand – Australia’s opposition leader/politician is having a better time so far:


Yes, Malcolm appears to be entering the conversation as himself and interestingly he has managed to attract a lot of the major digital influencers with Problogger and NickHodge firing a few questions at him. Hey I even threw one at him myself today to see if he’s reply. This could prove to be a lot of work for Malcolm but at least he’s giving it a go – and yes we all know he’s busy (urm, his Dog Blog is clearly consuming a lot of his internet time).

Be real on Twitter, the agency cant’ do it for you, no matter how much they charge you.

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Britney Spears "Piece of Meat" alternative video

May 5, 2008

“Piece of Me” or “Piece of meat”? wasn’t surprised to find someone has made a funny clip with alternative lyrics from the latest Britney Spears single. This has had a 1000 views at time of posting – let’s see where it goes… video below.