Charge your ipod (or iphone) using an onion

November 27, 2008

I love this. You can charge your ipod or iphone 3G using an onion! I’ve seen it before, but doubted it was possible. Yee of little faith. At the weekend I ran out of juice while I was out and about so had to resort to A-Team methods. Using an onion, an energy drink and my normal ipod charger I was able to get about 1 hour’s charge from my little many-layered friend. Here’s how you do it:

Stay tuned for the Amnesia onion challenge and see who gets the most power from a single vegetable. Whoever knew an apple and an onion would go so well together 😉 AP

Bendable, ultra-thin fuel cells coming soon

November 12, 2008

MyFC is a fuel cell company that is showing prototypes of fuel cells that could be built into cases a la the Mophie. The cells run on small hydrogen packs and can fold over surfaces. They could even be embedded inside cellphone bodies.


The company has two products, the 1636 chip that fits inside a charger-sized enclosure and the FuelCellSticker, the bendable model. The maximum output is 0.9W at .5V while the four-cell model outputs 3.2W at 2V. It is .11 inches (3mm) thick and weighs a mere .2 ounces (5g).

The company is currently making these devices to order and they are reasonably priced at consumer levels. The 1636 reference design works now while the bendable models are available in any shape and size.

Don’t look for these at Circuit City just yet, but they’re amazingly close to production.