Battle of the Porcelain Figures

March 12, 2012

German artist Martin Klimas took porcelain fighting figures and let them “fight”.


The photos were taken just when the figurines shattered after being dropped – the sound of the breakage set off the camera shutter and the results are stunning. It really looks like they are fighting.

Here are some more:




Head over to his site to see more of them and his other work.



Welcome Jay

November 18, 2011



Amnesia Razorfish has a new Creative Director – meet Jay Morgan.

This much we know: Jay was formerly National Digital Creative Director at Southern Cross Austereo, he roasts his own coffee beans and (perhaps surprisingly considering point twoWinking smile) is a really nice guy.

You can read some more about Jay’s appointment on AdNews or follow him on Twitter.

Do you like to invent stuff?

April 15, 2011

then maybe you should try and get hired at Inventionland – no I am not kidding, this place really exists.

I have seen some cool workplaces in the past, just think about Google Headquarter or the old Amnesia office next to the brothel Disappointed smile, but George Davison really put some effort into this place.

He created multiple different environments for his employees to get the creative juices flowing – e.g. work on a Pirate Ship




It seems to be working too as they are pumping out over 2000 inventions per year.

Here are some more of their workplaces

the concept kitchen



the race track



or the tree house



You Can check it out here, but be warned they have some weird theme song on their site

or check out their flickr stream here


pretty awesome


Making stop-motion magic with the iPad

September 16, 2010

When a new bit of tech is released it’s always fun to see what crazy/creative new things people can do with it. Dentsu London, in collaboration with BERG have produced a short film exploring the idea of “Making future magic” using the iPad to “paint” 3D objects in the air and bring it all together with long-exposure photography.

Watch the video. They explain it better.

Jobs: Creative genius required

February 15, 2010

We’re after a creative to come up with brilliant digital ideas.

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Spice up your presentations faster

September 25, 2009

Our Media Director @michaelb send around this useful tool that he got from our German office in Frankfurt.

This little tool will find you Creative Commons licensed Flickr photos according to a colour code you enter. It’s really nice, simple and might save you a couple of minutes before your next presentation.


They also show a real sense of humour when you want way too colourful pictures


The tools is here – so enjoy!

20 ads that are clever, creative and socially responsible

June 4, 2009

The crew at environmental Graffiti have gathers a bunch of ads that come from environmental groups and promote awareness and action for change.



It’s awesome to see agencies embracing campaigns that have no other agenda than creating awareness and hoping to affect some social change and responsibility.

See the whole list at Environmental Graffiti

Google – “Get rid of the designer”

November 12, 2008

It always worries me when I see something involving the words “create” and “no designer necessary”. Whilst I’m sure Google recognizes a need in making life easier for companies to get their message in front of consumers without the ‘high costs of using designers…I fear a plague of more terrible display ads impending…