Montauk Monster – viral campaign, hoax or just a dog?

August 11, 2008


A week after the “Montauk Monster” was was “discovered”, Slashfilm are reporting that the “monster” may be part of a viral marketing campaign for indie movie Splinterheads after a picture was posted on the film’s official blog. The picture was removed soon after, but Slashfilm took a screen grab.


Interestingly, Rachel Goldberg, who “discovered” the monster and went to the press, is allegedly the sister of the film’s producer Darren Goldberg.

Splinterheads is an independent film about “carnie subculture” and is scheduled for release in 2009.

It seems strange that if this is a viral campaign for the film, that the image would be removed from the official site. Personally, I think they just took advantage of a situation for some free publicity. Hey, it worked, didn’t it?