Digital Drag Race – Start your computers

November 20, 2008


Created by our counter parts in the US of A on behalf of Intel, a kind of digital Cut & Paste has just been launched. Positioned in a slightly more geek chic place, Digital Drag Race widens the appeal aiming at creative professionals such film producers, animators & game developers. Supporting the initiative is an array of social platforms and tools including a blog and a Youtube channel that allow you to enter, and follow the progress of the best digital designers out there. Here’s the general gist…

‘Digital designers go head-to-head in a competition to concept, design, render and finalize a 17-second digital video articulating the ideas of Speed, Power or Innovation. Each racer is given the same asset kit, which includes Photoshop brushes, design swatches, and a soundtrack. They’ll have to use at least 3 of the assets provided (including the audio), as well as up to 3 gigs of their own materials to complete the video. The pro designers will also be using a custom souped-up machine powered by the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition ProcessorTM’.

Now I don’t pretend to know too much about Intel as a product (it’s just a little thing that helps my laptop work right) but from a ‘socialness of a brand’ point of view this is the second time Intel has created a really top notch campaign. The first being Intel’s Power of Music’ Myspace campaign.

So here are the lessons to learn from Intel

– Think bigger than an app
– Honestly contribute something of real value to the community
– Be contextually relevant to your audience and their space
– Provide the tools and let it rip