20 ads that are clever, creative and socially responsible

June 4, 2009

The crew at environmental Graffiti have gathers a bunch of ads that come from environmental groups and promote awareness and action for change.



It’s awesome to see agencies embracing campaigns that have no other agenda than creating awareness and hoping to affect some social change and responsibility.

See the whole list at Environmental Graffiti


Dove v Greenpeace viral campaigns – social/environmental issue

October 23, 2008

Dove is reknown for its amazing commercials about bringing real womens issues to life. And once again they did with the following commercial.

As always a showstopping commercial   – however there was a retaliation commercial brought to life by Green peace which powered the issue that – yes Dove are about womens beauty esteem but at what environmental cost?  – please watch to understand

The great result of this campaign was that Dove RESPONDED to the call and joined Greenpeace in the fight to stop the destuction of the Paradise Forests. Greenpeace campaigners will work with Unilever for the next six months (starting May 2008) to bring together a major coalition of companies to make the moratorium a reality.

If Greenpeace then see a change they will stiop the onslaught.
Digital Advertising with a conscience – Love it