The future of board games

February 1, 2010

The Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Ontario wants to use slim, networked touchscreen hexagonal tiles with edge-to-edge OLED displays to play the games.

Check out the video below where they demo the idea by “faking” the hexagons with projectors, because the tech out there is not quite there yet.

Also even if the tech would be around already your board game would be about $1000

I’d play it if I could afford it



June 23, 2009

Welcome to aspiration Tuesday.
Here’s some over the top-ness to make you green with envy. I was going to write some witty stuff to go with this post but really, you just want to look at the pictures and the numbers – I know that.

The USA’s most expensive homes.


Inside the worlds first BILLION dollar home. Seriously.



The world’s most luxurious airlines


The top 10 most pricey cars ever


It’s nice to dream, right?