A New Kind of SLR Lens Filter

August 31, 2009

While browsing the web to find some inspiration for photos I came across the concept of the Bokeh Filter.

The Bokeh Filter is a simple filter that clips onto the end of your lens. This filter blocks out pieces of light that cause the bokeh (blur) in your images to take the shape of the filter.

Like stars and hearts:



check out the video:

the official site is here

Keep Your Filter Off Our Internet – the Twitter protest

October 27, 2008

Reporting from Twitter today… a visual protest in response to the Au governments proposed “Filter

image imageimageimage
Shown: (Silkcharm, Eskimo Sparky, Bronwen, jjprojects)

No, none of us really like the idea, not that we’ve really been asked about it in this modern age of dialogue. So given that there are some (urrr a few) notable politicians on Twitter these days… why not update your profile image on twitter as those above have… (no style guide – just do it).

(I’ll be updating my pic in a minute… http://twitter.com/eunmac)

And if it doesn’t work we’re calling these people.


Update as to the origins of the protest:

RT @bronwen: BTW the genius of "Keep your filter off our internet" was the work of @jordanbrock as part of AWIA’s protest against the plan.

Join in – post your link:

Feel free to post your twitter profile page in the comments or send Senator Conroy an email
Email: minister@dbcde.gov.au

Sign the online petition: