The answer to Microsofts surface table?

February 25, 2009

I am pretty sure MS is not faced with this new invention, but I think it is an interesting idea and I am sure people will come up with loads of things to do with it.

It is a flexible display consisting of foam and force sensors which is deformable. It’s called Impress and works with the parameters position and time like other touch screens as well, but in addition to that, it reacts, above all, on the intensity of pressure.

check out the video below:

and more info here

New flexible and unbreakable Display

December 9, 2008

HP and Arizona State University today announced the first prototype of affordable, flexible electronic displays.

image Flexible displays are paper-like computer displays made almost entirely of plastic.

This technology enables displays to become easily portable and consumes less power than today’s computer displays.

Popular applications for the technology could include electronic paper and signage.

The first practical demonstration of the flexible displays was achieved through collaborative efforts between the FDC and HP as well as other FDC partners including DuPont Teijin Films and E Ink.

All I can say is that this will be awesome once it gets to the market. Thinner, lighter, unbreakable and cheaper displays – what more do you want?

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