3 GIRLS 2 CANS – The Game.

March 26, 2008

3 Girls 2 Cans – A game not to be confused with a viral video on YouTube with an uncannily similar sounding name. The idea is to combine two girls to create a 3rd ULTIMATE GIRL. We’ve bottled up all our favourite fast play viral ingredients (which means games don’t last too long) so run around and go for the big score and #1 Rank.

Your ‘circle of influence’ will attract anything that moves! – BEHOLD the power of combining Lynx fragrances to make a killer third fragrance!
Avoid making “abominations” (Male / Female combos)!!!! YUK!

Make sure you check out www.lynxeffect.com.au – it’s really fab, honest, or PLAY THE GAME HERE:

Revisions coming very soon:
Over 50,000 gives you a password to view the ‘ultimate girl’.


Discuss your ranking, scores and cheats below…

InstantAction pioneers near-console quality in-browser gaming

November 29, 2007

InstantAction and GarageGames are launching a service that enables users to play single- and multiplayer fully hardware accelerated games in-browser across both PC and Mac platforms. Seems a bit primitive at the moment as it’s still in development, but it’s set to go live (not sure if that’s beta or the real thing) in January ’08. Looks like a few Xbox Live Arcade titles are set to be included in the launch, as well as a team-based online first person shooter in the vein of Dynamix’ Starsiege: Tribes, plus a number of as-yet-unannouced titles from both major and indie developers.


Not much real info on the site yet, but there’s a Gamespot interview here that explains the system in greater detail.