How would you like to pay for that, ma’am?

August 30, 2012

Conventional wisdom has it that when someone wants to buy goods, they go to a retailer, purchase a product at a predetermined price, and then become owner of that product. We don’t often think of different ways for this transaction to take place.

But what if there was another way?

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Snake the Planet with urban gaming

March 5, 2012

Our sister company Publicis Mojo, together with Finch and Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) Sydney have developed and documented a look at mobile gaming – “Snake the Planet”


When ‘Snake the Planet!” is projected onto buildings, each level is generated individually and based on the selected facade. Above you can see that the person is part of the level – pretty cool.

Check out a video of it in action

I can’t wait for some more games to be developed. How about some Donkey Kong?

After the break you can find some more information, videos and photos.


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My Top 10 gadgets at CES this year

January 13, 2010

I wish I had the time (and money) to go to CES this year, but thankfully all my favourite tech sites were covering it very well.

So looking at all the new gadgets coming out I thought I share my favourites with you – they are in no particular order

1. The transparent laptop screen – Samsung 14 inch Transparent OLED

2. HP Slate tablet – Apple is meant to do it – MS and HP have done it

3. A.R Drone – a Quadcopter controlled by your iPhone (we mentioned it here already)

4. liquid Image HD snow goggles and underwater goggles – all you need for your own discovery movies

5. Peregrine Glove Game controller

6. LBO Light Touch – have an interactive surface on any surface (we mentioned it here already)

7. Finally some USB 3.0 products – superspeed here we come

8. PlasticLogic Que Pro eBook reader/tablet – very sexy

9. Project Natal – can’t wait to connect this to my Xbox360

10. Zyxio Sensawaft – move your cursor with your breath

something additional – these didn’t quite make it into my top 10, but are still pretty cool

The instant Camareas are back – non digital – Polaroid makes a comeback with the Polaroid Pic 1000

Lenovo bringing out a phone

Panasonic 152 inch 3D TV and wireless HDMI transfer

MSI Dual screen multitouch tablet

Best Case Mod Ever

September 24, 2009

I liked my Atari7800, then my PS1 and now my Xbox360, but I really only used them one at a time and replaced it with a new one.

Some guy who appears to be loving Star Wars and his retro gaming consoles thought it would be best to throw it all together.

So he took an R2D2 cooler and turned it into a retro gaming machine!  Inside are eight consoles and a even a projector mounted in the head just like R2D2.



I think its awesome – especially the projector in the top.

found here

A ‘social experiment’ in Sims 3

June 16, 2009


I don’t mean social as in social and media. I mean Robin Burkinshaw, a game design student from the UK is using Sims 3 to play a homeless family. Alice and Kev – The Story of being Homeless in Sims 3, documents the life and times of a Father and Daughter who live in an abandoned park. Aside from the fact that Robin is using this game to see how close to real life it actually is and even raise money for charities that help the homeless people, it’s fascinating to see how people are adding to the story and giving some insight into real life.

For example here’s a thread where people are commenting on the fact that Alice has a mobile phone

Gentleman Jim: Where did she get that phone from?

Joel: Hah, it comes with every sim in the game. Let just say for the stories sake she found it on the ground? hah

Elaine: Having a cellphone is also actually pretty true-to-life. I work at a shelter, which means our families are functionally homeless, if not actually right off the street.
Unlike six or seven years ago, these days, almost all our clients have cells; that means it’s 100% easier for them to stay safe, keep in contact with family, make appointments, get job calls, and generally rebuild their lives.

MED: I also work at a shelter and I can attest to cell-phones being true to life for functionally homeless people. With companies selling a monthly non contractual service for $30.00 bucks and better yet, pay as you go phones for $15.00 with ten minutes of service built in, it’s easy for anyone with a candy selling or windshield wiping business to keep a phone.

There are some people who think that this is part of a campaign although I don’t see it myself. Genius if it is, but very dumb if someone is pretending it isn’t. It’s getting some good traction and well worth following to see whether it really takes off.

Start from the beginning here and follow the life and times of Alice and Kev.


Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display creates haptic 3D objects you can poke

September 5, 2008

the University of Tokyo have come up with a way to use focused ultrasound to create manipulable virtual objects in space. Using multiple transducers, the “Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display” creates an acoustic radiation pressure field. Holding your hand in the field allows you to “feel” the object, manipulate it, and feel response.


Right now, the system only creates a vertical field, but you had better bet that Iwamoto is working on that.

Sony and Nintendo’s unexpected challenger; Super Monkey Ball Sells 300,000 copies on iPhone

August 13, 2008

In the eleven hundredth iPhone post of the day… Fair enough, we’re all pretty sick of hearing about what this miracle device can do. Short of curing cancer there’s not much the little bugger can’t cope with; heck, maybe it can cure cancer if someone builds a Folding@home application (FoldingOnPhone?) for distribution via the AppStore… (The uninitiated can read about Folding@home here.)

As cool as all the technology is, what’s ultimately more important for us digital marketing folk is the viability of the platform when it comes to content distribution (both in pay-for and free categories). Sega’s Super Monkey Ball has just hit the 300,000 mark which, at AUD $12.99 a pop, is a considerable lump of change. It’s enough to make Sony and Nintendo sit up and take notice, particularly as their respective platforms (PSP and Nintendo DS) rely predominantly on physical media for content distribution. Sega US’s President Simon Jeffery agrees. “That’s a substantial business. It gives iPhone a justifiable claim to being a viable gaming platform.”

The phone may not have the controls required for traditional gaming but the quality and responsiveness of the touch screen and accelerometer could do for the mobile games space what the Wii has done for console gaming around the world.

So how do we take advantage of this? As iPhone and iPod touch sales continue to rise, distribution of free, engaging, branded content is an obvious winning formula. Carling’s iPint application is catching on like wildfire and given the size and scale of the application the development overheads would have been low. Investing in development for a platform owned and operated by one company might be a little uncomfortable but these days, shifting focus away from Apple in the digital landscape isn’t a wise move: Apple has proved that, technology aside, the iPhone is a viable distribution platform.

Watch this space.