Google adds themes to Gmail. Ninjas spotted.

November 21, 2008


Gmail users will have noticed a bit of a change to Gmail in the last couple of days as Google rolls out the latest version of its hugely popular webmail client. The delicate blue border has been replaced with a brighter version, but that’s just the start. Just into your settings and you’re greeted with an extra tab for selecting visual themes.

There’s a lot to pick from but, really, they’re mostly a bit tacky. Standard themes with oceans, trees and clouds are predictably in abundance. The cartoony style of ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Tea House’ are a bit cute and if  you’re a nostalgic geek and/or no longer wish to have functioning retinas, check out ‘Terminal’ for some eye-searing ascii art goodness.

There’s a ninja theme, but it’s a cartoony ninja theme – not a silent-dealer-of-death-ninja theme, which is a bit disappointing. It’s understandable though, because as we all know, real ninjas are invisible.

Mail Goggles

October 9, 2008

The new product has the goal of helping you unsend those crazy drunken emails that sometimes go out late at night and on weekends.

If enabled, Gmail asks to you to complete a few “simple” math problems in a limited period of time before the email goes out.

I am not sure if this will really stop me from sending an angry email, but it might be worth a try.