BrandTable – NFC concept that will alter your food court experience

October 20, 2011

The University of Sydney has a great bunch of interaction design students and one of them is Stephen Davis.

As you all know Amnesia Razorfish is always trying to stay ahead of the curve especially when it comes to new technologies so when Stephen had the idea of the BrandTable we were able to help him out a little.


Together with Publicis Mojo we were able to get him first hand insights into Paypal and Google and what they are planning in regards to mobile payments. We were also able to help him with the build of his prototype that shows how NFC could be used in future.

Check out the video:


Here is what Stephen has to say about his creation:

Brand Table is a product designed initially for shopping centre food courts that takes in an order via a mobile device in where item selection and payment will occur.

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The Hype about Avatar

January 8, 2010

I have to say that when the first trailer of Avatar appeared I was fascinated by it and even though I haven’t seen the movie, everyone I talk to is telling me how awesome it is so I can’t wait to finally find the time and see it.


What I find interesting is the whole 3D thing about it. There are hardly any movies out there that show it without 3D and a few people that have seen it in 3D have told me that they are going back to see it again without the glasses. Especially the fast moving scenes just blur out and you can hardly see anything. Did you experience the same?

Also the movie made over USD 1 Billion within 17 days of its release – that is amazing. I know the movie was estimated to cost USD 237 million with $150 million for promotion, but that still means that within 17 days they made their money back and tripled it.

I thought that we are all aware of the fact that this movie is fiction, but there seem to be people out there that are getting depressed by the fact that the dream of Pandora is being intangible. If you are one of them than check out this forum – you might find help –

But if you still don’t have enough and you want to at least make yourself look like a Navi, here is how you can do it digitally in Photoshop

Anyway – I will try and see the movie as soon as possible and add a few more dollars to the enormous amount they already made.

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

Helping people in distress with robots

March 6, 2009

A group of academics is attempting to use flying "quadcopter" robots as a means of deploying self-assembling ad-hoc wireless networks.


The system uses cheap "quadcopters" – autonomous flying helicopter-style robots equipped with satellite navigation – bearing radio equipment based on VIA Pico-ITX computers.

there are still some issues with it though – the batteries cost approx. 1000 Euro and the flight time is only 20 min.

Mind you that 20 minutes is for flight time, giving the robots enough duration to position themselves and land on "high ground or a building somewhere", and provide network coverage for several hours.

The project is looking for research students to continue the work.

Windows 7 – Tips and Tricks

January 14, 2009

I have been playing with Windows 7 since it was Pre Beta and every time I play with it I am impressed.

For example I ran the pre-beta in a virtual machine on my Vista PC and it ran faster and more stable than my Vista computer – go figure.

Anyway one of my developers found a blog post of Tim Sneath who is talking about Windows 7 Secrets.

You can check it out here but I wanted to share my favorites with you.

The Problem Steps Recorder

As a System Admin I always run into the issue that when somebody come to me with a problem that they can’t explain to me how to replicate it.


The Problem Steps Recorder provides a simple screen capture tool that enables you to record a series of actions. Once you hit “record”, it tracks your mouse and keyboard and captures screenshots with any comments you choose to associate alongside them. Once you stop recording, it saves the whole thing to a ZIP file, containing an HTML-based “slide show” of the steps.

This will make my life a lot easier 🙂

Specialized Windows Switching

Another feature that power users will love is the ability to do a kind of “Alt+Tab” switching across windows that belong to just one application. For example, if you’ve got five Outlook message windows open along with ten other windows, you can quickly tab through just the Outlook windows by holding down the Ctrl key while you repeatedly click on the single Outlook icon. This will toggle through each of the five Outlook windows in order, and is way faster than opening Alt+Tab and trying to figure out which of the tiny thumbnail images relates to the specific message you’re trying to find.

ISO Burning

Windows is finally able  to burn .iso images straight out of the box – you can double-click on any DVD or CD .ISO image and you’ll see a helpful little applet that will enable you to burn the image to a blank disc.



there are heaps of other pretty cool tips – so check it out here.

I personally can’t wait for the final release.