New Viral Games : October releases

October 21, 2008

As part of a monthly round up of Viral Game releases around the world (good, bad and utterly unplayable) here’s our digest of BRAND NEW releases within the past 30 days – compiled by Amnesia. If you would like to include your game in the next roundup let me know via twitter (here).

Second Life viral game (link to overview)

Popcorn Flicks
Popcorn flicking… Do it from the safety of your monitor… 

Peanut Pickup

The History Channel – Ice Road Truckers program

Top Gear – Rocket Robin

Top Gear – Office Drive

Top Gear – Amphibious Challenge

The Cell

Granny Bash Bingo

Holiday Fling

Volvo Ocean Race

Callum the Chameleon

CanonBall Crisis

Luminex World Golf

Suicide Kittens

– Have fun 🙂 See you next month.

LYNX Babes Photoshoot

February 12, 2008

I had to tell my girl last week I was sorry but we cant go to the markets as planned on Saturday.

Very dejectedly I said I would make it up somehow…

She felt sorry for me though and said she would make it up to me!

Well check out the images below and decide for yourself how tough it really was… Any one want to apply for a job at amnesia?

Doing it even tougher (with their arms around the girls!) Andy and Sandor two of the creative geniusses behind the site!

See the final results over the course of the year at,

If you sign up to the database before Thursday (Valentines) you might receive a special surprise!

Secret LYNX Babe and a creatives

LYNX babe and producer

LYNX Rugby Girl & Art Director