Project launch: The Fresh Start Project

October 6, 2010

“We wanna make this digital” is the cry of many a client when they enter their ‘digital’ agency with a shiny new TVC and poster under their arm. Too many agencies will take a client’s TVC (and money) and make it ‘digital’ simply by putting a browser around it or sending it’s animated cousin off to Double Click.

I’m proud to say that’s not what we do here at Amnesia Razorfish. When our client,, shared their really nice ATL spring campaign with us, we got really fired-up by the challenge of making this campaign come to life in the digital space. We didn’t want to simply TELL consumers that helps give people a fresh start, we wanted to actually GIVE someone a fresh start. Some one that really needed a fresh start.

Say hello to The Fresh Start Project from  The aim of the campaign is simple. Build a a new home, for a family in need, through people’s use of As users interact with they collect ‘bricks’ which they can donate to the 1 million brick target. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Australia, the house will be built. There’s no augmented or virtual reality here. Sure – it won’t cause world peace, but it will make a real difference to a real family in real need. And that’s why I love this project so much. Hope you do too.

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Awesome but bizarre buildings

July 23, 2009

All over the world there are people that need to be unique and they show it with their houses.

here are my favourites from this article:

The Basket House – USA


The Egyptian House – USA


The Shoe House – South Africa


The Lopsided House – Japan


a Dome house in good old Australia


can I have the Penthouse in this Russian beauty please


and there are more here.


June 23, 2009

Welcome to aspiration Tuesday.
Here’s some over the top-ness to make you green with envy. I was going to write some witty stuff to go with this post but really, you just want to look at the pictures and the numbers – I know that.

The USA’s most expensive homes.


Inside the worlds first BILLION dollar home. Seriously.



The world’s most luxurious airlines


The top 10 most pricey cars ever


It’s nice to dream, right?

Paul Strange Presents. We explain what it is…

April 23, 2008

Sydney has been invaded by these posters taped onto telegraph poles. The only instruction is “Type this into Google”. So if you’ve typed “Paul Strange Presents” into Google and ended up here, the Paul Strange Google master plan might not be working quite as well as it should. After all we could tell you anything…

So is asking people to type something into Google a good marketing strategy? Well it’s risky… you need to understand how search works – because if a powerful site starts to use the same keywords then you may not end up being top of the list in Google. If you really want to guarantee your placement at the top you probably need to buy SEM ads (as indicated by the red squiggle below) but that may cost money, and considering you just told everyone your search strategy there may be people that can ride off your marketing with little effort.

BTW: If you are actually interested in Paul Strange and want to know more about the house music scene in Sydney, go back to Google and keep looking… it’s there somewhere. 🙂