YoungBloods ‘Innovation @ Google’

February 17, 2012

A great presentation by Brendan ‘Bob’ Forster last night @ Google with an awesome turn out of about 70 YoungBloods supporters from various agencies across Sydney.

First of all… YoungBloods is a platform for young advertising people to socialise, network and have a say on industry issues. The YoungBloods committee puts on a number of events during the year that anyone can attend. These events range from presentations held by leaders in our industry, trivia nights and industry themed parties.

Interested? Click here to become a YoungBlood or to be informed of these events.

Back to ‘Innovation @ Google’ presentation…

Bob (Brendan Forster), who is a Product Specialist at Google, spoke about Google’s innovation and various initiatives that have made significant difference to consumerism on a global scale.

The most notable of these initiatives would have been the Google Crises Response – a project which involves Google helping to connect people with information and their loved ones in times of disaster. For instance, during Cyclone Yasi and the Australian floods of 2011, Google provided a list of resources and phone numbers to facilitate emergency services, donations, volunteers and help people connect with loved ones.

Bob also explained Google X Lab, which is more or less a secret facility run by Google that works on ‘big ideas for the future’. He also gave examples on how Google has enabled previously unachievable ideas through technology eg The Johnny Cash Project, which allowed fans across the globe to contribute to a global art project which is ultimately a tribute to Johnny Cash. Bob also spoke about how Google has made significant progress in providing powerful consumer insights through search and further more, assisting consumers who want to engage everywhere at any time through mobile.

All in all it was a pretty inspiring presentation and well done to the YoungBloods team for organizing the event!

Lonely Planet demos ‘Trippy’ app through Google Wave

October 22, 2009

Chris Boden, Lonely Planet’s director of mobile and innovation, said: “The Trippy gadget turns trip planning into a collaborative activity, enabling a group of users to create itineraries together in real time.” The full article is over at Brand Republic.


Razorfish : “Send us your Business Problem”

May 6, 2009


During his 2009 Client Summit presentation, “Innovation Hell,” Joe Crump did something quite extraordinary: he challenged event attendees to send Razorfish their business problems, a global problem, or just something that plain bugs them. 

He promised Razorfish would spend the next year to create an innovative solution to the problem. (You can view Joe’s presentation on SlideShare or Vimeo).

To submit an idea, clients need only jot an email to [ innovate at ]

For instance on Twitter @scottlum of Microsoft asked, “Can we educate, inform & synthesize change for Swine Flu using social media w/out spreading disinformation, confusion and panic?”

You get the idea… now you have the chance to have those thought leaders at Razorfish look at your problem.

Also: Make sure you read the David Deal (VP Marketing for Razorfish) post on the subject of innovation Hell” here.


UK’s Guardian opens up APIs; Launches ‘Open Platform’

March 13, 2009

In what may be a watershed moment for old media, The Guardian has announced this week their APIs will now be available for third parties to develop applications using ‘full fat’ feeds and complete articles, dating back to 1999.

The move has been explained by MD Tim Brooks as a ploy to “invite the developer community in”, to keep inline with the Guardian being a “value-driven and not a profits-driven” company and to build an ecosystem around its brand.

Detailed information about the release of Open Platform can be found on the Guardian’s website. They’ve even explained how you can use the Data Store for you, should you be interested in such information.

This news comes just after the New York Times unveiled Times Extra, which features integration of related news and blog feeds alongside their online news coverage.

Expect to see more of these moves by old media who are, by all accounts, struggling to fit into a world being progressively dominated by the digital medium.

The Unfinished Swan

November 4, 2008

Check out this game currently in development by independant game designer, Ian Dallas.

The Unfinished Swan puts the player in a completely white (or at times, black) world where you can only find your way around by splashing paint on your surroundings. 

Check out this video:

It’s nice to see some real INNOVATION in games. So many people complain that it’s all been done while games like The Unfinished Swan and Portal are proving them wrong.

The Unfinished Swan will hopefully be out in March 2009. Can’t wait!

Five digital technologies that will change the marketing landscape

September 2, 2008

Here’s an article I wrote for AdNews last month – it was edited down for publication so here’s the full thing. Uncensored:

We all keep hearing about the pace of change and how much we need to constantly shift our businesses both as agency or client. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look with so much going on; an ever expanding web and new devices appearing daily in the consumers lounge and pockets … all places we need to harness for marketing success.

Batteries… soon to have a 30 year gap between recharging?

One thing’s for sure, it’s going to get more complicated, not less so I thought I would share five of the key technologies that are set to change the digital landscape in a significant way within the next ten years… here’s my TOP 5:

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