A glimpse into a great artist’s inspiration

August 6, 2009

Gerhard Richter’s comprehensive reference library, the Atlas Collection, can be seen online at www.gerhard-richter.com.


The Atlas: http://www.gerhard-richter.com/art/atlas/


The site also has an extensive gallery of his paintings…

image  image 


A robot that can keep a beat

July 29, 2009

We blog about robots quite a bit. Here’s one that finds objects it can turn into drums, beats the object, records the sound and then plays with it until it gets bored.


(As far as drumming goes it’s almost as cool as this: https://amnesiablog.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/best-product-demonstration-ever-m/ )

The Share.tv video is from a while back. It’s an interview of creator Frits Lyneborg of letsmakerobots.com.

Interesting thoughts on AI.


A Look Into the Future of Transport Infrastructure

May 8, 2009


Well, perhaps not so much… but whatever the future holds, it’s big things for photographer and illustrator Hubert Blanz.
Check out some of his wonderful works here.

Wall painted animations by Blu

May 15, 2008

One of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a while. Get a wall, draw one frame of a complex animation on the wall, take a photo, erase, then repeat. Hats off to Blu (http://www.blublu.org/) for his genius.


Letter A from blu on Vimeo.


Vintage Advertising Posters

February 26, 2008

Searching for design inspiration for a personal project, I found myself looking at some great collections of vintage posters on Flickr. This collection of art deco and retro style (please correct me if I’m wrong… I’m a producer not a designer!) European advertising posters is especially nice.

Vintage European Dental Poster by artcafe2008 Vintage European Beer Poster by artcafe2008 Illustration by Paolo Garretto by artcafe2008
Vintage European Poster by artcafe2008 Vintage European Candycane Man Poster by artcafe2008 Vintage Wrigley's Doublemint Gum Poster by artcafe2008
Vintage European Poster by Herve Morvan by artcafe2008 Vintage European Poster by artcafe2008 Vintage European Poster by artcafe2008

If you have any other fun and interesting references of the same era or earlier, please share them with us!