Finally, we can all see what our life would look like if it were a museum exhibit.

June 2, 2011

Yesterday, while sorting through my social interwebs – I came across a new Facebook app by Intel called “Museum of Me”. It promises to create a ‘visual archive of your social life’ by connecting with your profile and pulling out odds and ends, likes, photos and videos, even your most used status words.

The app has copped a bit of flak from the online tech blogs overnight; but narcissism and bad memories aside, I’m impressed.

Once the app has trawled your Facebook account, you are then taken through a 3 minute virtual tour of your social life in the form of a museum exhibit.

It’s pretty cute. And clever. And remarkably similar to Social Memories (but without the blatant profiteering).

(Happy now, Stephan?)





Laptop Battery Life to 20-40 Hours

November 30, 2008

I am traveling a lot and I use my Laptop to work and entertain myself when on the train.

recently my battery started dying and it went from 3-4 hours battery life to 1.5 hours which left me bored by the end of my trips.

Now I am reading this:

Jepsen Works to Raise Laptop Battery Life to 20-40 Hours

How are the going to do it? newly created low-power screens that can be read in bright sunlight. The screens cost a third that of traditional LCD screens and use about a tenth of the power.

Pixel Qi plans to develop entire laptop and PC designs around its new screen technology to create the most power efficient models possible.

This is what Mary Lou Jespen (formerly head of Intel’s display division) had to say:

"We are working with a number of notebook and e-book makers on a number of different form factors," she said. "We can enable an increase of 5-10X battery life between charges compared with a standard notebook. This means that rather than needing to recharge your batteries every few hours, you could run 20-40 hours of use on a one charge."

What do I say? I can’t wait not to run out of battery anymore – bring it on!

Digital Drag Race – Start your computers

November 20, 2008


Created by our counter parts in the US of A on behalf of Intel, a kind of digital Cut & Paste has just been launched. Positioned in a slightly more geek chic place, Digital Drag Race widens the appeal aiming at creative professionals such film producers, animators & game developers. Supporting the initiative is an array of social platforms and tools including a blog and a Youtube channel that allow you to enter, and follow the progress of the best digital designers out there. Here’s the general gist…

‘Digital designers go head-to-head in a competition to concept, design, render and finalize a 17-second digital video articulating the ideas of Speed, Power or Innovation. Each racer is given the same asset kit, which includes Photoshop brushes, design swatches, and a soundtrack. They’ll have to use at least 3 of the assets provided (including the audio), as well as up to 3 gigs of their own materials to complete the video. The pro designers will also be using a custom souped-up machine powered by the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition ProcessorTM’.

Now I don’t pretend to know too much about Intel as a product (it’s just a little thing that helps my laptop work right) but from a ‘socialness of a brand’ point of view this is the second time Intel has created a really top notch campaign. The first being Intel’s Power of Music’ Myspace campaign.

So here are the lessons to learn from Intel

– Think bigger than an app
– Honestly contribute something of real value to the community
– Be contextually relevant to your audience and their space
– Provide the tools and let it rip