How to make Mickey Mouse interactive

August 14, 2012

Easy – you use infrared controlled Mickey Mouse ears.


The ears communicate with IR controllers and can react to certain parts of Disneyland. According to the video(s) below they have only scratched the surface and the ears will be able to interact with each other as well (they kind of do already as you can sync their lights with each other if you get them close enough).

The main attraction is the World of Colour experience where the ears are grouped into zones so the technicians can use all the “participants” to incorporate the ears into the show, think sweeping changes of colour running through the crowd.

Check out the 2 videos below


Now I just have to find the time and money to go to Disneyland myself


Showing off with a 22 megapixel interactive display

March 26, 2010

Here at Amnesia we come across great things all the time and if we would have the time we would probably write more and more posts about it for you to read.

So over the past few years I have been looking into interactive displays and we have collected quite a large collection of different ways on what is out there and what we can offer to our clients. but I don’t want to bore you with those as yesterday I came across this little project from Norway.


Students from the university of Tromsø developed an interactive wall, constructed from 28 projectors and driven by a display cluster of about 30 computers, each projector creates a 1024×768 resolution image, which when tiled together with the others form a 7168×3072 resolution display.

The cool thing is that it supports multi-touch, but you have to be careful using that term as you don’t actually touch the wall to interact with it. cameras on the floor determine the position of your hand and the movement and make things happen.

Another thing that is very interesting is that this wall is already 5-6 years old and it is using technology that only now seems to be coming into the markets.

if you want to read more, click here

Virtual Graffiti with WiiSpray

August 27, 2009

An experiment in using the Wii to spray on virtual graffiti, hence the WiiSpray. Nice idea and great exploration of the use of this kind of interaction with the projector.

It’s still an experiment, but may provide an alternative to trains, buses and seats hopefully.

And the techie bit: It uses a Wii but the actually graphics are built using Adobe Flash. Seems flash is becoming a great tool for experimenting with ideas and interfaces.

More information can be found at WiiSpray.

Interactive Video Clip – Cold War Kids – I’ve seen enough

May 22, 2009

This is great fun (here) – turn the band members on or off and change the instrument they’re playing (using the coloured bars at the top). In theory I this would give you about 256 different versions of the same song.

Only thing missing… the ability to download and buy the track you created 🙂