Have you ever wondered what a tree would say if it could talk?

September 30, 2010

… no.

Today I feel ashamed of the the industry in which I work. Although I love this idea and the experimental spirit of the project, it somehow feels wrong. Is nothing safe from the internet? Leave the trees alone is what I say.


The history of the internet

April 20, 2010

this has been around for a while, but in case you haven’t seen it here is a pretty cool animated history of the internet.

So if you have a few min (8 to be honest) check out the video.



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The future of the newspaper from 1981

January 30, 2009

I found this video on techcrunch here about the future of newspapers seen back in 1981 and wanted to share it with you all – it’s quite funny

My favourite part is that it takes over 2 hours to receive the whole newspaper and back then the hourly use charge of the telephone was $5 which makes this newspaper 10 bucks – pretty hefty 🙂

Keep Your Filter Off Our Internet – the Twitter protest

October 27, 2008

Reporting from Twitter today… a visual protest in response to the Au governments proposed “Filter

image imageimageimage
Shown: (Silkcharm, Eskimo Sparky, Bronwen, jjprojects)

No, none of us really like the idea, not that we’ve really been asked about it in this modern age of dialogue. So given that there are some (urrr a few) notable politicians on Twitter these days… why not update your profile image on twitter as those above have… (no style guide – just do it).

(I’ll be updating my pic in a minute… http://twitter.com/eunmac)

And if it doesn’t work we’re calling these people.


Update as to the origins of the protest:

RT @bronwen: BTW the genius of "Keep your filter off our internet" was the work of @jordanbrock as part of AWIA’s protest against the plan.

Join in – post your link:

Feel free to post your twitter profile page in the comments or send Senator Conroy an email
Email: minister@dbcde.gov.au

Sign the online petition:


Australia’s Great Firewall without an opt-out

October 16, 2008

Taken from Boing Boing

In a move that seems to be happening without comment from the Australian media, the Australian government is introducing a censorship regime ostensibly targeted at stopping teenagers accessing online porn.

But rather than being an opt-in system, it’s “opt-out”. I use the scare quotes because, and this is most insidious part, you can’t actually opt out – you can merely be placed on a alternative blacklist which, instead of blocking “content innappropriate for children”, block any material deemed to be illegal.

The fact that it will likely reduce everyone’s internet performance is secondary; It will most likely incorrectly block 1% of sites, and now what you are allowed to view online is determined and controlled by the state (although most likely quite inaccurately).

The rationale is that since they’re setting it up anyway, they’re morally obliged to block traffic deemed illegal:

“Illegal is illegal and if there is infrastructure in place to block it, then it will be required to be blocked — end of story.”

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about the potential threat to our civil liberties.

People of Australia, please write to your MPs to voice your opposition to this.


Internet Challenge September 2008

September 4, 2008

First Person to solve this challenge and post the answer in the comments will enjoy the title of “Internet Challenge Winner Sept 2008” for the rest of the month, and their name inserted below in red!

Winner =  Joshua Oliver – well done Joshua (see comments).

This challenge has been won but why not test yourself and see if you can beet Joshua’s time of 4 mins. Want to try a tougher one? (


What’s the story behind this strange picture (can you spot what’s not quite right?) Who took the photo and where’s the source URL.
Time of posting 6.34 : Wed Sept 3rd 2008.

Rules for this challenge:
1. Winner to post answer in comments with your name.
2. Winner must post link to the original source of the photo.
3. Winner must explain the back story behind the image.
4. Winner should state how long it took them to find.
5. Miss out either 1,2,3,4 and you will be disqualified!

– Amusing comments and guesses are welcome.
– No prize – just the glory of having your name (in red) above!