Viral Wedding Video increases music sales.

July 29, 2009

10 million viral Wedding views in a week on Youtube  can do wonders for music sales, even if you’re Chris Brown languishing in a career low point (here). Neilsen points out (here) that Brown’s track Forever from 2008 was nowhere to be seen until this week, but is now in the top 10 for the US and Australia. The only possible reason being the Viral Wedding video which has a link to the track on iTunes. It raises some interesting points on the usage rights. Several people here pointed out that many similar videos have had the audio stripped by YouTube for copyright violation, yet this is a clear case of win-win for everyone involved. A clear indication to the Music industry that a social media model for music sales exists.

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Apple announces Top 10 iPhone App downloads of 2008

December 3, 2008


There shouldn’t really be any surprises for anyone who own an iphone or iTouch.

and i won’t bore you with all of the lists, but here are my favourites:

1. BeejiveIM made it to #2 on the top 10 paid social networking list
I am not surprised that it’s there because it’s pretty good, but it’s 16 bucks – people must have too much money

2. “Units” made it into the top 10 for paid and free apps – I know its 2 different programs but why would you pay for something that does the same thing as a free app?

3. “TouchScan”, a 99 cent application that “scans the mind of two people at once and compares the brain waves recorded” by way of a fake on screen fingerprint scanner makes it all the way to #6 – it makes me cry

you can see them all in iTunes if you want.

iPhone firmware 2.01 released

August 5, 2008

Apple have just released firmware 2.01 for the iPhone – big news for early adopters of the 3G iPhone and those who updated from the pre-3G firmware. Widespread reports of lag and programs quitting unexpectedly following an upgrade to 2.0 have surfaced over the last two to three weeks (I’ve personally encountered a fair number of these issues), but that’s okay, because 2.01 is available via iTunes now and here to save the day!

Or, as it happens, not.

I’ve not noticed any improvements in performance running 2.01 over the course of the day. In fact, worryingly, I’ve noticed increased lag when accessing contacts (admittedly I have a huge directory), scrolling through SMS lists and even (for the first time) trying to make phone calls. The phone application closed unexpectedly (read: crashed) during a phone call.

To add to the frustration, following an apparently successful installation of 2.01 (complete with a functioning handset and an updated firmware version number in the ‘About’ settings) Apple notified me that a carrier settings update is available. Sure, why not?


Here’s the problem…


iTunes could not update the carrier settings on your iPhone. An unknown error occurred (0xE 8000001).

And surprisingly, this isn’t an isolated issue. Hundreds of forum threads have popped up from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the US complaining of exactly the same error. I love my iPhone 3G but when the old Nokia from 1999 is more responsive something’s awry…

Over to you, Apple?

First Review of Nokia Music Store Australia.

May 2, 2008

Nokia appear to be taking a big bash at the dominance of  iTunes in the local market. With high hopes I tested it out by attempting to download the free single of the week. Unfortunately It didn’t go quite to plan. I’m quite a Nokia fan (since getting an N95) as most people in here know so this held some promise, I’ve also been waiting for a challenger to iTunes (even though I do mostly like iTunes) but I’m afraid it’s not good news…


First you have to register then install the ‘Nokia Media Bar’ – which is not the best experience. I did not really like the intimidating message below “To Play or Buy music you need to install the Nokia Media Bar”


Here’s the deal. I don’t want any more plugins. I don’t want proprietary players and I don’t need any more music player software… I just want to download my tracks and use them how I want with the software I want! Especially when what I’m installing does not work…


   It took ages to download the track and when I finally got it – this is what I saw…

Then this…


Sorry Nokia – although it looked promising …20 minutes later and I still haven’t been able to listen to anything…you just lost me.