Finally all my photo mistakes are being forgiven

September 24, 2010

Adobe just showcased and amazing “extra” lens that is inserted between your camera’s usual lens and its sensor and with their “magical” software you can now focus on a different part of the picture after you have taken it.

So I can give my camera to my wife to take a picture without having to worry about the result 🙂


The plenoptic lens is composed of a litany of tiny "sub-lenses," which allow those precious photons you’re capturing to be recorded from multiple perspectives. The result is that you get a bunch more data in your image and an "infinite" depth of field, meaning you can toggle at what distance you want your image to be focused after the act of taking it.

check out the demo here

unfortunately this is still a long way away from hitting the commercial market, but one day we can all take pictures and focus on the important stuff later.