Lynx Effect Website Archive – Webby Award Winner

March 20, 2009


Original Lynx Effect website (which won a Webby in 2008 created by Amnesia Razorfish) is now in it’s archived glory state in our portfolio. Clean the “Dirty Girls”, tattoo your name on some unmentionable body part – the list goes on.

Amnesia and The Lynx Effect featured in Australian Web Designer Magazine

October 9, 2008

imagePick up the latest issue (#4) from your local news agent and relive the wonder that is…

The Lynx Effect.

Or, just go straight to the source:

Amnesia wins Webby Award for Lynx Effect Website

May 6, 2008

The winners of the 12th International Webby awards have been announced and we’re jumping for joy… because our rather different Lynx Effect website is the winner in the Beauty and Cosmetics category against some stiff competition.



Thanks to the Amnesia team – and especially to Unilever and Lynx for putting faith in the idea 🙂

3D web game for Axe (Lynx) Dark Temptation campaign in Brazil

April 11, 2008

This is a great looking game. Somewhat reminicent of GTA-style gameplay (except you control a chocolate man rather than a hardened criminal, and you’re being chased by girls instead of thugs with uzis…) Unfortunately its potential is crippled by the immense file size (just shy of 10MB – all loaded upfront). Nevertheless, the graphics, animation and gameplay are all very well executed and the integration between Flash and Unity is seamless. It’s definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind waiting for a long time. Also requires the Unity Player plugin (get it here if you don’t have it already).

FYI – Being a Brazilian site, the game is in Portuguese. “Jogar Agora” means “Play Now”. The gameplay isn’t too hard to figure out, even if you can’t read the instructions.

Amnesia nominated for People’s Choice Webby Award 2008

April 9, 2008

Amnesia is in the people’s choice finals for this years Webby awards for our Lynx Effect website.


PLEASE VOTE FOR US HERE!!! (Look for “The Lynx Effect”)

3 GIRLS 2 CANS – The Game.

March 26, 2008

3 Girls 2 Cans – A game not to be confused with a viral video on YouTube with an uncannily similar sounding name. The idea is to combine two girls to create a 3rd ULTIMATE GIRL. We’ve bottled up all our favourite fast play viral ingredients (which means games don’t last too long) so run around and go for the big score and #1 Rank.

Your ‘circle of influence’ will attract anything that moves! – BEHOLD the power of combining Lynx fragrances to make a killer third fragrance!
Avoid making “abominations” (Male / Female combos)!!!! YUK!

Make sure you check out – it’s really fab, honest, or PLAY THE GAME HERE:

Revisions coming very soon:
Over 50,000 gives you a password to view the ‘ultimate girl’.


Discuss your ranking, scores and cheats below…

LYNX Babes Photoshoot

February 12, 2008

I had to tell my girl last week I was sorry but we cant go to the markets as planned on Saturday.

Very dejectedly I said I would make it up somehow…

She felt sorry for me though and said she would make it up to me!

Well check out the images below and decide for yourself how tough it really was… Any one want to apply for a job at amnesia?

Doing it even tougher (with their arms around the girls!) Andy and Sandor two of the creative geniusses behind the site!

See the final results over the course of the year at,

If you sign up to the database before Thursday (Valentines) you might receive a special surprise!

Secret LYNX Babe and a creatives

LYNX babe and producer

LYNX Rugby Girl & Art Director