Collection of Talking Animal Memes

April 21, 2011

Today we gathered around and shared videos of animals that… ok I’m not going to spoil it. Just have a look for yourself:
(It helps if you watch them in order…)

Goat Yells Like a man
Goat sings with Usher
Goat that yells like Chris Tucker
Kobold Maki–try watching this without laughing.
Death Metal Rooster

R.A.E.D – A Meme an Internet star waiting to to be born.

October 25, 2010

It’s not often you see something quite this, urm… well you just have to watch this to believe it.

The actual rap starts at around 3mins so feel free to skip the ‘acting’ part at the beginning.
RAED says there are No More Tears To Cry. We disagree, the tears are flowing. Sheer interwebs awesomeness.

Currently sitting at 16,884 views at time of publishing.

Kanye pontificates on the Amnesia blog

September 17, 2009

Kanye West

You’ve got to love Kanye West, if only for the latest meme he has inspired.

Here he tells us what he thinks of the Amnesia Blog.


New Viral Games : October releases

October 21, 2008

As part of a monthly round up of Viral Game releases around the world (good, bad and utterly unplayable) here’s our digest of BRAND NEW releases within the past 30 days – compiled by Amnesia. If you would like to include your game in the next roundup let me know via twitter (here).

Second Life viral game (link to overview)

Popcorn Flicks
Popcorn flicking… Do it from the safety of your monitor… 

Peanut Pickup

The History Channel – Ice Road Truckers program

Top Gear – Rocket Robin

Top Gear – Office Drive

Top Gear – Amphibious Challenge

The Cell

Granny Bash Bingo

Holiday Fling

Volvo Ocean Race

Callum the Chameleon

CanonBall Crisis

Luminex World Golf

Suicide Kittens

– Have fun 🙂 See you next month.

Adolf, Memes and the SMH

September 29, 2008

Amnesia gets a nice mention in today’s Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) technology page. A front page story about how the Downfall clip is being mashed up and repurposed.