Getting one step closer to a minority report future

October 6, 2010

Microsoft Research always has some cool stuff to show and this time it is called Light Space.

Just imaging a room that is monitored by depth sensing cameras and projections that react like a surface table on any old surface.

But not only that – just grab some content from the table projection and move it to the wall by simply touching it. Not quite as smooth as Tom Cruise did in Minority Report, but it is a first step.

Sounds futuristic? Check out the video below


The future of computing

February 17, 2010

We all have seen Tom Cruise in Minority Report and even though the movie was pretty average, the computing system used in it blew us away.

I have been talking about multitouch before here, here and here but most of them talk about concepts.

Now there is a company called Oblong that developed a system for real and it looks a lot like the one in the movie.

I want to volunteer to test this system, please.


Update: I just read that the cofounder of the company, John Underkoffer, was the lead of the team that came up with the interface used in the movie in 2002.