UN Voices – Image recognition to Mobile Audio

September 3, 2008

Although this is about 4 months old I thought this campaign was worth blogging because it is by far the best digital led campaign I’ve seen by a traditional agency – in this case Saatchi & Saatchi. A lot of people in adland obviously did not ‘get it’ – questions around why would someone bother to take a photo are easy to find, but we would argue that putting a measurable element in an Outdoor is gutsy and that the campaign was a great conversations starter packed with emotion – which is what digital is all about.

The Outdoor ads.

How it worked: Take a photo (outdoor billboard) with your phone and the audio story is sent for you to listen to. The website is also very well constructed even though the UG comments feature deserved to be more prominent.

Whilst Saatchis did claim at launch that this was new technology, we would argue this was not true. Companies such as Mobot (here) have been offering these services for several years and they have been used by companies such as Ministry of Sound and MX magazine in campaigns. We’ll forgive Saatchi’s on this occasion because this is a beautiful campaign.



iPhone pricing announced for Optus Australia 3G

July 3, 2008

Full pricing from Optus (here).


The lowdown:
$0 on a $79 Cap plan over 24 months which provides $550 of calls, plus 700MB of included data.

No news on Vodafone as yet…

First Review of Nokia Music Store Australia.

May 2, 2008

Nokia appear to be taking a big bash at the dominance of  iTunes in the local market. With high hopes I tested it out by attempting to download the free single of the week. Unfortunately It didn’t go quite to plan. I’m quite a Nokia fan (since getting an N95) as most people in here know so this held some promise, I’ve also been waiting for a challenger to iTunes (even though I do mostly like iTunes) but I’m afraid it’s not good news…


First you have to register then install the ‘Nokia Media Bar’ – which is not the best experience. I did not really like the intimidating message below “To Play or Buy music you need to install the Nokia Media Bar”


Here’s the deal. I don’t want any more plugins. I don’t want proprietary players and I don’t need any more music player software… I just want to download my tracks and use them how I want with the software I want! Especially when what I’m installing does not work…


   It took ages to download the track and when I finally got it – this is what I saw…

Then this…


Sorry Nokia – although it looked promising …20 minutes later and I still haven’t been able to listen to anything…you just lost me.