The Death of Social Media?

October 8, 2010

Most morbid social media campaign yet? The gist: Take a photo of yourself DEAD and you could end up in next year’s horror movie Redd Inc. According to the company there have been a few ‘inadmissable photos’ so far.

Above: User generated death.


The website:

It’s making the news… Article about it in the Daily Tele.

Criticker is the social thinking man’s IMDB.

October 5, 2010

The IMDB business is almost 20 years old (true, just 10 days to go) and although we all love it the site hasn’t changed much or matured beyond its web 1.0 status. Yes it has 57 million visitors every month but it’s not without flaws. Indeed I think there are some interesting lessons to be learned in how to utilise social and crowdsourcing from the little movie recommendations site especially when it comes to movie rankings – read on:

Aliens – only 8.5/10 ? Pffft come on it’s a 9.1 easy!

So here’s the problem (and I will bet this has happened to you at some point): You watch a movie, love it only to find IMDB users gave it a crummy 6.5 out of 10 (or vice versa – a crap movie gets a good score on IMDB). The issue of course is that movies are rated by everyone INCLUDING people who also hate the sort of movies you love. In short IMDB does nothing more than merely aggregate the mass opinion of everyone. In the real world we make many choices based on trusted opinions, not just those of the many.

Enter Criticker…
Criticker calls itself a ‘movie recommendation engine’. How does it work? It calculates ratings by analysing movies that YOU like/dislike then it finds OTHER PEOPLE with the same likes/dislikes and then gives you a Probable Score Indicator (PSI) based on the result. In short it ranks movies based on scores from people just like you.

The outcome is that when you search for a movie, your Criticker predicted score is much more likely to be the score you would actually give it. Here’s an example: The film I searched for here is Clockwork Orange. My PSI (probable score) on Cricketer is adjusted to 79/100 (that rating is based on other ratings of people like me). On IMDB it is rated en masse at 8.5/10. The reality here is that Cricketer is much closer than IMDB (I’d probably give it a 75).




Social web 2.0
I’ve been using Criticker for 18 months, I’ve scored about 230 movies and I find the more data I give it, the better it becomes at predicting my scores. Bottom line – this is a truly intelligent and useful crowdsourcing tool and it works. I love it.

BTW: Here’s my profile on Criticker… feel free to hate the movies I ❤ 😉

Oh PS: If you like it, pop them a donation – this is a startup run by a couple of movie buffs and they need support.

The Hype about Avatar

January 8, 2010

I have to say that when the first trailer of Avatar appeared I was fascinated by it and even though I haven’t seen the movie, everyone I talk to is telling me how awesome it is so I can’t wait to finally find the time and see it.


What I find interesting is the whole 3D thing about it. There are hardly any movies out there that show it without 3D and a few people that have seen it in 3D have told me that they are going back to see it again without the glasses. Especially the fast moving scenes just blur out and you can hardly see anything. Did you experience the same?

Also the movie made over USD 1 Billion within 17 days of its release – that is amazing. I know the movie was estimated to cost USD 237 million with $150 million for promotion, but that still means that within 17 days they made their money back and tripled it.

I thought that we are all aware of the fact that this movie is fiction, but there seem to be people out there that are getting depressed by the fact that the dream of Pandora is being intangible. If you are one of them than check out this forum – you might find help –

But if you still don’t have enough and you want to at least make yourself look like a Navi, here is how you can do it digitally in Photoshop

Anyway – I will try and see the movie as soon as possible and add a few more dollars to the enormous amount they already made.

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.