WiGig will be in your future SD cards

January 31, 2012

What is WiGig you are asking? WiGig is an alliance that completed a multi-gigabit 60Ghz wireless specification.

It means that WiGig enables wireless transfer rates more than ten times faster than today’s fastest wireless LAN, and it’s completely backward compatible with existing WiFi devices.


Panasonic is now in the process of jamming the functionality into SD cards set to arrive next year and they already have a working prototype that they showed off at DigInfo.

Photos and videos were effortlessly send to secondary displays and played without any glitches. According to them a whole DVD can be transferred in under a minute.

But check it out in action here and be surprised by how much it looks like Amnesia Connect Smile


100 years of special effects in Movies

August 28, 2009

I just came back from watching District 9 at the movies and I loved it. I have to say the special effects impressed me the most, mainly because you can’t tell they are special effects at all. That massive spaceship that hovers over Johannesburg looks like its really there.

So when I came across this little compilation of special effects over the past 100 years of movies I just had to share it with you.


Amazon Window Shop in Beta

October 28, 2008


Amazon have launched the beta of their new Window Shop, where users can browse a selection of new/promoted store items such as books, movies and games using just their keyboard or mouse. Once an item is selected, a high-quality sample or video trailer is played and you can throw an item in your cart with a click.

It’s an interesting idea from Amazon with the user having no control over the selection of items on display. Essentially the opposite to Amazon’s site search and categories, I found more than a few things I wouldn’t have found on the regular site. It looks nice, too!

The content of the Window Shop is updated every Tuesday.