Asteroids 2.0 – now an MMO

April 11, 2012

Remember the days when you were sitting in front of your CRT TV playing with your Atari 2600 playing Asteroids by yourself? I do.


Now that is all in the past as the new version of Asteroids here is a massively multiplayer online (mmo) game and instead of chasing asteroids you shoot other players from all over the world.

It’s a relatively simple arcade-style game in which you attempt to rack up as high a score as possible before running out of lives, and you can sign in with Twitter to put a name to your score.


Play Quake III Arena on your phone

November 29, 2008

Before you get too excited it is not working on every phone 😦

imageAt the moment it is only compatible with Texas’s OMAP 2420 powered handsets like the Nokia N95 8GB, N82 and the E90.

You can run Quake III Arena on those phones and the best part is that you can also run a local server on the phone to and use a Bluetooth keyboard for online gaming.

you can read more here you can also find instructions on how to install it on your phone by scrolling further down the page.

This could be a reason for me to buy a Nokia phone again.

InstantAction pioneers near-console quality in-browser gaming

November 29, 2007

InstantAction and GarageGames are launching a service that enables users to play single- and multiplayer fully hardware accelerated games in-browser across both PC and Mac platforms. Seems a bit primitive at the moment as it’s still in development, but it’s set to go live (not sure if that’s beta or the real thing) in January ’08. Looks like a few Xbox Live Arcade titles are set to be included in the launch, as well as a team-based online first person shooter in the vein of Dynamix’ Starsiege: Tribes, plus a number of as-yet-unannouced titles from both major and indie developers.

Not much real info on the site yet, but there’s a Gamespot interview here that explains the system in greater detail.