Have you ever wondered what a tree would say if it could talk?

September 30, 2010

… no.

Today I feel ashamed of the the industry in which I work. Although I love this idea and the experimental spirit of the project, it somehow feels wrong. Is nothing safe from the internet? Leave the trees alone is what I say.


Google Wave – a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool for email and web

May 29, 2009

Although it hasn’t released out into public hands yet!

Google has just announced Google Wave, a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool that looks to be the next step to evolution of the email.

Created by two of the guys behind Google Maps with a small team in Sydney the concept behind Google Wave is to “unify” communication on the web.

Basically Google Wave is a hybrid of email, web chat, IM, and project management software. It features the ability to replay conversations because it records the entire sequence of communication, character by character. Because of this, discussions are also live in Google Wave: you will see your friends type character-by-character.


Other Features, Details are:
Google Wave also supports the ability to drag attachments from your desktop into Google Wave. It loads that file and sends it immediately to anyone in the conversation. It’s also embeddable, so you can embed Google Wave conversations on any blog.

it looks very similar to a Gmail, except it’s more focused on your contacts, whose faces you can see in your contacts sidebar on the left. As for conversations, different than anything seen before. You can reply and add your thoughts anywhere within a message. Communication within Google Wave is completely shared. =D

The key is faster line of communication. Attaching documents, like you do in email, is unnecessary in Google Wave. Real-time conversations and collaboration make it an ideal tool for business teams as well. Imagine an entire office having Google Wave open to quickly share and receive files. It combines some of people’s favorite aspects of many different web communication tools.

Now I am so excited & can’t wait for its release!

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Google Blog:

Google Wave: Live collaborative editing: (You Tube Video of David Wang)

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Build your flash apps online

February 3, 2009

Wonderfl (here), a two-pane, all-online system which lets you write or paste code in the left, then is compiled by the server and instantly displayed on the right.


The compiler and libraries are Actionscript3 and you can easily tweak others’ apps and games with a few keystrokes.

It’s not a replacement for your home development station, of course, but it’s an interesting community they’re creating. It’s all about sharing now.

this was found here.

Play Quake III Arena on your phone

November 29, 2008

Before you get too excited it is not working on every phone 😦

imageAt the moment it is only compatible with Texas’s OMAP 2420 powered handsets like the Nokia N95 8GB, N82 and the E90.

You can run Quake III Arena on those phones and the best part is that you can also run a local server on the phone to and use a Bluetooth keyboard for online gaming.

you can read more here you can also find instructions on how to install it on your phone by scrolling further down the page.

This could be a reason for me to buy a Nokia phone again.

Amnesia help NSW Parents understand Technology

November 27, 2008

New South Wales Department of Education approached Amnesia Razorfish to design an online ezine to support their Click Magazine, a publication aimed at teaching parents about the technology their children work and play with daily. The result is an engaging experience that makes adult learning fun! Check it out at http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/news/technology/

iGoogle attacked by giant widgets

October 17, 2008

Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, is getting an update this Friday. Widgets on the page can support a new “canvas view,” which expands the widget to the full iGoogle window.

The new iGoogle also moves user navigation from tabs at the top of the page to a bar down the left side. This enables more pages and elements in the navigation, and I found that it made navigating iGoogle faster, since it provided a de facto table of contents for each page.

Like many of Google’s services, iGoogle is platform-aware. On a mobile phone, like on an iPhone or Android phone, when you log in to iGoogle, you’ll get a view of your page suited to the constraints of the device.

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Scrapblog – Great web 2.0 Flash Application

October 17, 2008

www.scrapblog.com : I’ve seen a lot of browser based flash ‘applications’ over the years – you know trying to emulate the desktop experience inside a web page… but few have cut the mustard. They tend to be slow, clunky, buggy and miss out on the detail such as keyboard shortcuts. Scrapblog (which you use to put photo albums together) is an exception to the norm and is really quite outstanding. Even CTRL-Z (undo) worked. Go play. Then you can order a 20 page hardback version for about US$35. Pretty good deal we thought.

Scrapblog has a very well executed Flash interface. 


InstantAction pioneers near-console quality in-browser gaming

November 29, 2007

InstantAction and GarageGames are launching a service that enables users to play single- and multiplayer fully hardware accelerated games in-browser across both PC and Mac platforms. Seems a bit primitive at the moment as it’s still in development, but it’s set to go live (not sure if that’s beta or the real thing) in January ’08. Looks like a few Xbox Live Arcade titles are set to be included in the launch, as well as a team-based online first person shooter in the vein of Dynamix’ Starsiege: Tribes, plus a number of as-yet-unannouced titles from both major and indie developers.


Not much real info on the site yet, but there’s a Gamespot interview here that explains the system in greater detail.