New Facebook Privacy Tools: A Cunning Ruse?

May 19, 2010

Everybody is mad at Facebook for destroying privacy all the way across the Internet. Here’s the thing though, they’ve recently had this meeting, right? You’ve probably heard about it. Only two things appear to have come out of this meeting so far, and neither address the issue at hand.

In essence, the two new tools described here allow you to give specific devices (your phone, work computer, and home computer for instance) the authority to log-in to your Facebook account. While this is fantastic for account hacking prevention, and are therefore important for privacy, they’re barely related to the reasons an angry mob has formed at Facebook’s gates.

My rant after the jump.

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Even robots love Obama

November 6, 2008



ObamaBot’s University of Florida creators see the world as so imperfect, that they’d prefer to pal around with robots who would target their own planet.

The $250 ObamaBot stands 6-feet tall and regurgitates stump speeches by the president-elect while presumably cleansing the Earth of any naysayers.

You know you have made it when even the robots vote for you.