Orange friend-o-meter

November 13, 2009

An interactive quiz to promote the launch of the Motorola Dext (‘The Super Social Networking Machine’). This quiz connects to twitter, facebook and myspace and tests how well you know your friends by pulling data from their profiles and feeds.

Pretty cool ‘eh.




A human powered mobile – Don’t leave for a festival without one

May 26, 2009

Power Pump 4_jpg_autothumb_w-574_scale

This is a great product innovation from Orange and Gotwind that ‘harnesses kinetic energy and a foot pump’ to power your mobile whilst you’re… at Glastonbury, or just away from a socket.

Now all they have to do is a) find away that you can get a signal when you are in the arse end of nowhere and b) stop some soap dodging thief from having a rummage in your tent. Then all my festival problems have been solved. Apart from the toilet one. Found via Treehugger